25 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week

Can you believe you are twenty-five weeks pregnant now? Do you remember at the start of your pregnancy, you never thought you’d make it through the first trimester. Now you are almost ready for your third trimester. You are probably getting more anxious and excited about your baby’s arrival. In this week newsletter we are going to give you some ideas for unique and creative birth announcements. We will give you our best tips for selecting your baby’s birth announcements. We are also going to help you design your own birth announcements, if you are creative and willing to give it a shot!

What is going on with mom & baby

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Baby: Baby’s crown to rump length is around 23 cm. (about the size of a head of cauliflower). Your baby weighs about 700-800 grams (1.5-1.75 pounds). Alveoli in your baby’s lungs begin to produce surfactant. Surfactant helps control surface tension in the lungs and keeps them from collapsing. Think of an uninflated wet balloon, how it sticks together and is difficult to inflate. Surfactant keeps the inner surface of the lungs from sticking together when your baby tries to breath.

Mom: You can expect to start gaining weight at a faster pace now. Expect to gain about one to two pounds per week during the remainder of your pregnancy. You may have more aches and pains now. If you are having problems with back pain, you may want to start wearing a maternity belt for back support.

This week’s Pregnancy Checklist

  Talk with your doctor about taking the glucose tolerance test. (This should be done between 24-28 weeks)
  Discuss with your partner, your plan for getting to the hospital or birthing center when you go into labor.
  Purchase some gift certificates for take out food so you won’t have to worry about meals right after baby is born.
  If you don’t have a camera, purchase a camera or disposable camera for your hospital bag.
  Talk to your partner and/or make a decision about circumcision.
  Take a new belly picture for your scrapbook or journal.

Birth Announcements

Once your baby is born, you will want to let people know about it. Birth announcements are a way to capture your baby’s birth and share it with the world. A birth announcement is also a nice keepsake to give to your baby when she is grown.

Hospital birth announcements:

Many hospitals offer to display your baby’s birth information on a secure website. Also, your hospital may work with a birth announcement company that will take your baby’s photo and offer you a catalog of birth announcements to choose from. They sometimes offer baby website packages as well. This may be a convenient option for you if you want something done right away and are not concerned about the price.

Greeting card store birth announcements:

If you want a simple birth announcement and plan to send your baby’s photo separately, you may want to purchase your birth announcements at a greeting card store. You can find plain birth announcements at a card shop and just fill in your baby’s birth information.

Birth announcement websites:

You can also purchase birth announcements online. There are hundreds of websites selling birth announcements. Some of the websites only offer design services and others will design and print your birth announcements. If you purchase design services only, the designer will generally send you a print quality file that you can take to any print shop or upload to an online printing center.

Email Birth announcements:

If you would like to save money on printing costs, you can send out email birth announcements. Email birth announcements are great to send to casual acquaintances and coworkers. If you purchase your birth announcement from a design service, they will normally send you a .jpg file that you can send as an email attachment to your friends and family.    

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