Bottle-Feeding Basics (Sponsored)

By Playtex (Sponsored)

When it comes to bottle-feeding, it's all about the nipple. Starting your baby on a bottle can be baffling. Luckily, here are a few tips that will help your newborn begin feeding like a pro.
  1. Warm the formula/breastmilk - never microwave! Microwaves kill nutrients in the formula or breastmilk.
  2. Introduce the bottle to your newborn by gently touching the bottle nipple to your baby's cheeks to stimulate rooting reflex.
  3. Signs of hunger from your baby include sucking on hands, fingers, smacking lips, or rooting reflex.
Tia and Tamera Mowry spoke with real moms about bottle-feeding their babies. Together they share more tips and insight into navigating the experience of introducing a bottle to baby - with a little help from Playtex® Baby of course.

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