Baby Sleeping - Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas

By Anna Hart

Your new baby is a precious addition to your family, and you want to keep every little memory safe in a scrapbook – conventional or digital. You have so many cute pictures – many of them with your baby sleeping. You want to feature your baby sleeping with scrapbook page layout ideas that show how sweet your little boy or girl is.

Baby Sleeping Themes

Scrapbook page layout ideas should begin with themes. In this case, you have chosen a theme of baby sleeping, but you may want to consider something that is not so broad.

1. Does baby pout when sleeping? Your theme could be “precious pouter”.

2. If baby sleeps with heaps of toys, a theme might be “our priceless toy”.

3. “Knitting up the raveled sleeve of care” is a Shakespearean theme that could feature baby sleeping.

As you consider scrapbook page layout ideas, open your mind to a variety of themes.

Baby Sleeping Layout Starters

You can get your creative juices flowing by looking at page layout ideas others have created. Here are 7 page layout ideas to get you started:

1. Baby Sleeping at Baptism: Page layout ideas for a baptism look good with ribbons and lace in antique off-white shades. Use a background paper in a rich wine shade. If baby received a certificate of baptism, this can be used along with photos. Focus attention on baby sleeping by making that photo prominent, framing it in lace. Include photos of parents and others who were a part of the occasion. A row of photos across the top of a 2-page spread could be set off from the rest of the page with a lace ribbon. Be sure the baby’s full name is included in rich lettering.

2. Baby Sleeping in Pink: Scrapbook page layout ideas for a little girl in pink will look good with a sprinkling of sugar and spice. Background paper can be a cinnamon brown textured paper. A dictionary definition of “spice” on a torn antique ivory paper could be topped with one photo of baby sleeping. Write “sugar” on a tag, and add a ribbon. Don’t forget a bit of journaling to tell about baby’s sleep habits. Embellishment candies will carry your theme beautifully.

3. Baby Sleeping in Blue: One of the cute page layout ideas you may want to consider is one that centers on a “Little Boy Blue” theme. Begin with a background in pale blues and whites. Perhaps a wide stripe patterned paper, or even a piece of blue and white fabric would work well. Mount your “baby sleeping” photo on the background with black corners. Add a photo or two of the many “blue” things in his life. Stack blue blankets, sleepers, toys – anything blue – and snap a few photos for further page layout ideas. Add blue embellishments, stickers, and a memento such as a piece of a blue blanket or favorite clothing. Journal in dark blue ink, making your notes encircle the page as a border.

4. Baby Sleeping at Birth: For page layout ideas that feature your baby sleeping during the first weeks of life, consider adding a copy of the birth certificate. If it has footprints on the back, be sure you use a copy of those, too. For digital page layout ideas, consider scanning the foot prints onto your hard drive. Then, in a graphics program, give them a transparent layer. Beneath that, insert a layer with the word “baby” in pastel colors, one color per letter. A few extra “feet” would be a cute embellishment. Frame your baby in pastel frames.

5. Baby Sleeping on Baby Sheets: Scrapbook page layout ideas for a baby asleep might begin with a background of sheet fabric. If you have the actual crib sheets on which baby slept, you might cut a piece the size of your page, and use it for a background. Mount your photos on torn paper in one of the brighter colors from the sheet. If the sheet has pictures of baby animals or toys, use similar embellishments and stickers. Add a corner of baby’s favorite blanket as a memento, and a note about how your boy or girl loved it.

6. Baby Sleeping in Family Tree: This is one of those page layout ideas that work well in a family heritage scrapbook. Start with a family tree background that uses a nostalgic tree graphic with family names arranged on it. Don’t worry about covering some names. This is just background for this page. mount your baby sleeping in a cradle cut out. Place the cradle strategically in the tree. Photos of parents or grandparents asleep as babies in the 40’s or 50’s would be fun for comparison. Who does baby resemble more? Add a few bird stickers. Journal on leaf shapes. Add a border of leaves.

7. Baby Sleeping at Dinner: Many babies fall asleep in the high chair, their tiny heads ending up on the tray. Scrapbook page layout ideas that feature such a photo can carry through the dinner theme. Can you tell what was served the time the photo was taken? If it was baby food from jars, get identical jars and set up a photo of what was on the menu. Write out the menu for more interest. Add a menu item of “Zzzzzzzz”. If baby sleeping was at a home-made meal, include a recipe as one of your page layout ideas. Arrange a few teddy bear stickers and a spoon.

Whatever scrapbook page layout ideas are used, you will want to remember that each page is a canvas on which you paint a picture. Imagine each scrapbook page hung on the wall of a gallery or displayed on an art easel. All page layout ideas should tell stories without additional comments.

©2007, Anna Hart.

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