Headaches: Can they be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, for some women headaches can be quite bothersome and even severe during early pregnancy. Other symptoms of pregnancy include nausea, fatigue, sore breasts, and increased urination.

Many migraine sufferers find relief from headaches during pregnancy, but a small percentage of women actually experience a worsening of symptoms during pregnancy.

It is not known what causes headaches during pregnancy, but most can be managed safely either through medication or other supportive treatments. Please consult your physician before taking any medication.

If you suspect you are pregnant, a pregnancy test is the best way to confirm pregnancy.

Think you might be pregnant?  Find out when your baby is due.  Use JM's Due Date Calculator.

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By TGeiger on 11/07/14 at 8:07 am

Yes it is one of the signs of being pregnant.

By Jessie Shaffner on 11/06/14 at 12:51 am

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By RebekahTanaka on 06/16/13 at 9:39 pm

I also recommend the PREGNANCY MIRACLE GUIDE as an EXCELLENT pregnancy/women's health resource!

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