4 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week

It looks like you are going to be having a baby! During this week you might be feeling a little freaked out and your heart might feel like its beating just a little faster. You may be excited right away or the bfp (big fat positive) could be putting you in panic-mode. You may be trying to think of ideas for how to announce the big news. In this week’s newsletter we are going to help you come up with some creative ways to announce your pregnancy. Don’t worry if your pregnancy was unplanned. Half of all pregnancies are unplanned so you are sure not alone on this. We will have some ideas for you on how to share the news, when to share the news, and what to do if your big announcement doesn’t go over so well.

What is going on with mom & baby

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Baby: Baby is approximately 1 mm long (about the size of a poppy seed) and looks sort of like a tadpole. Your ovary contains a tiny corpus luteum which is what is left of the follicle your egg was being housed in. The corpus luteum will produce progesterone until the placenta takes over progesterone production around 10 weeks after conception (when you are about 12 weeks pregnant). Right now the placenta is still forming and the cells that will become your baby are dividing at a rapid pace.

Mom: You may be feeling some symptoms of early pregnancy by now or you may not notice any changes yet. You may feel more tired, your breasts may feel tender, you may notice that you are urinating more frequently, or you may feel like you are just about to start your period. A lot of newly pregnant moms, in fact, think that they are not pregnant because they feel like they are about to start their periods. Early pregnancy symptoms often feel similar to PMS symptoms. You may feel bloated and be worried about slight cramping but this is normal for early pregnancy.

This week’s Pregnancy Checklist

  Schedule your first prenatal appointment.
  Ask your doctor’s office about starting prenatal vitamins.
  Quit smoking or drinking alcohol now.
  Contact local agencies if you think you will need financial assistance with medical care, food, or other assistance.
  Contact insurance company to make sure of insurance benefits, health care providers, or to answer any questions you might have.
  Start a pregnancy blog, journal or website for your baby.

Creative Ways to Announce your Pregnancy

Ways to tell Daddy

  • Decorate a cake with the words we have a bun in the oven and a plus sign on it to indicate a positive pregnancy test. Then at the right time have your partner get the cake out of the oven for you.
  • Buy a couple jars of baby food. Take the labels off of them and create labels of your own. On one label put “It’s a boy?” on the other put “It’s a girl?”. Glue the labels to your baby food jars. Then pack the baby food jars inside a lunch bag and give it your partner to take for lunch.
  • Create a Pregnancy Journal by decorating a photo album (or purchase a pregnancy journal) and write your first journal entry with your thoughts and feelings about daddy. Leave your pregnancy journal where daddy can see it.

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By MrsLupiya on 09/05/12 at 3:02 am

I just found out I'm pregnant, I'm so excited I can't even explain it, daddy is nervous and thinking about ways to save money as we just got married a m  ...

By Adaoraizukanne on 07/24/12 at 12:54 am

I just found out am pregnant, daddy isnt here to share in the joy of this news, thinking of a way to surprise him. Any ideas?

By BossLadiiLea92 on 07/13/12 at 9:07 am

I have been discharging fotr the past few days and i just took a home pregnancy test and it said negative what am i to do

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