Creative Ways to Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

A woman surprising a man with a pregnancy announcement.

Disbelief, excitement, shock—words can hardly describe the feeling you get when you see that pregnancy test turn positive for the first time. You've waited weeks, months, maybe even years to see this result and you can't wait to tell your husband. You could just run to him right away with the news that you're pregnant—or you could take the extra step to make this momentous announcement that much more special. Here are some creative ways to tell him that your life is about to change forever (in the best way possible).

Serve up a bun in the oven

Sneak out of bed early one morning and put a batch of cinnamon buns in the oven to bake. When your husband wakes up and smells the irresistible aroma announce to him, "Honey, we've got a bun in the oven!"

Dinner and a present

A romantic dinner.

If food is the way to your man's heart, then this is the way to go. Wrap up your positive pregnancy test like a little present and present it to him over his favorite meal. If your husband is an outgoing type, take him to his favorite restaurant and have the waiting staff bring the gift to the table after you've finished eating. Your husband can share his jubilation with the patrons and staff, who inevitably will be thrilled for you. Chances are they might even include dessert on the house. (You're eating for two now, so indulge!) If you think your husband would prefer a more intimate setting, cook his favorite dinner at home and set the table with the good china you never have the occasion to use.

Propose fatherhood

Why not recreate how your husband proposed marriage to you, but instead propose fatherhood? Take him back to where he popped the question and recreate the scene. Instead of a ring box, hand him a bracelet box with your positive pregnancy test inside and ask, "Will you be a father?"

A graphic tee even you can love

There's no double about it—most men love printed t-shirts. While this can usually be the bane of existence for women, this can finally work in your favor. Give him a gift of a t-shirt that says, " World's Best Dad” and watch his face light up.

New home movie

A couple of fake movie tickets and popcorn.

Are you computer saavy? These days making movies and pictures slideshows on your home computer is so user-friendly. You can create a truly memorable pregnancy announcement by editing together some of your favorite photos and home movies with the final message announcing your pregnancy. Pop a bowl of popcorn for your husband to eat as he watches his new favorite flick.

Piggy bank savings account

Is your husband in charge of the family finances? Buy him a piggy bank and put a note around its neck that says "Our Baby's College Fund." Put this on his dresser and wait for him to find it. Don't be surprised if he comes running to you with a big hug…and a new household budget.

Ice cream bowl surprise

Does your husband have a sweet tooth? Cater to his craving with your special message. Have a fun afternoon at the paint-your- own-pottery store and make him an ice cream bowl that says inside "You're going to be a dad!" Fill it up with his favorite ice cream and watch his reaction when he gets to the bottom.