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Frogs Unit Study

In this unit study you will learn a little about frogs. The unit study was written for early elementary school aged children but could be adapted for older students as well. Your student will learn a little about classifying animals, he will also learn about the frog’s environment, and he will learn about the frog’s life cycle. This unit study can be done at your own pace. A few printable materials are included in the unit study as well as a list of activities.



Suggested Reading:
(These reading materials are not required but just suggestions to add to the unit study.)

Suggested Activities:

  • Discuss the differences between frogs and humans. List some of the differences and similarities between frogs and humans. (Examples: invertebrates or vertebrates, walking on two legs or four legs, cold blooded or warm blooded)
  • Make your own story book with the life cycle of a frog. Take construction paper and staple the pages together. On each page have your student draw the different stages of the frog life cycle.
  • Purchase a tadpole kit and have your students keep a daily journal and record all the events as their tadpoles change into frogs. Here are a few links to a few places where you can order tadpole kits.
    -Grow a Frog Kit
    -Live Frog Rearing Kit
    -Frog Hatchery Kit
  • Visit an amphibian collection at a local zoo. If you call ahead or have a group of students they may be able to put together a presentation for you group.
  • Have your student write a paragraph describing features and characteristics of frogs.
  • Have your student write a story about a frog family.

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