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3D Nursery Rhyme

Hi, we have created this 3D nursery rhyme "Piggy on the Railway" for kids and children. Please let us know your feedback so that we could enhance our videos more. View "Piggy on the Railway" English Nursery Rhymes (Poems) - "Piggy On The Railway" - 3D Animated Song for Children with Lyrics - YouTube[/url ...

Moms of Preschoolers

How to teach basic math to a 5-year-old?

Hello, I am trying to teach basic math to a preschooler using math fridge magnets. I would like to know how many people tried this to teach their kids basic math. Any specific recommendations or exercises to make this process more efficient and engaging for a child? Thanks...

Cloth Diapering

New to this

I talked to my DH and now we're planning on starting to CD our 4 year old. I don't know where to start exactly. I've done some research and have found that I would prefer AIOs(most likely)as sadly he's outgrown all of our prefolds I currently have. He is 38lbs and 3'4" so not very chunky but definitely larger than the actual large size allowance of most diapers. Can you ladies point me in the right direction? :) Thank you all. *If you're wondering why my 4 year old is still in dipes he's au...

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Combat Summer Learning Loss with these 5 Super Cool Apps

By Laura Carlson

Did you know that over the summer months your child loses math computational skills, as well as reading and spelling abilities? He may also score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than he did at the beginning of summer vacation. This phenomenon is known as summer learning loss,
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5 Foreign Language Apps for Kids

By Audrey Morris

Better job prospects. More brain power. Academic success.Social and cultural awareness. These are all reasons parents want their children to learn a foreign language. But did you know that only about 25 percent of Americans can converse in a language other than English? Give your children an edge above
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8 Educational Apps Every Kid Should Have

By Laura Carlson

There are countless apps on the market that can engage and educate your children. From learning ABCs and another language to SAT prep and word-building activities that help them describe their emotions in a positive way, your kids can use apps to enhance their cognitive development, improve their motor
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Incentives That May Take Your Child from a B-Student to an A-Student

By Audrey Morris

All parents want their children to live up to their full potential, and grades and schoolwork can be a special area of concern. Parents understand how good grades can open doors in the future, but kids’ brains don’t always think that way! Incentives can encourage kids to pull their grades up, as
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3-Ingredient Packed Lunch Recipes

By Jill Britz

Do your kids bring home sandwiches that have only been nibbled on, fruit that has been half-eaten, or carrots that are still fully-formed? If so, it's time you jazz up their lunchboxes. After all, well-fed kids are happy, learning kids, right? Here are four 3-ingredient lunch recipes that will take your
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Open Up a World of Learning Fun with VTech® Toys!

By Sponsored by VTech

Brought to you by VTech No matter what age your child is, VTech®'s developmental learning toys stimulate the senses, ignite the imagination and make learning fun! With a wide variety of educator-supported toys to choose from, you can ensure that you are optimizing your child's playtime. For your budding
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5 Apps that Develop Both Sides of Your Child's Brain

By Jill Britz

We are raising our kids in an amazing age filled with digital tools and supplements to encourage our children's growth and development. Apps are a big part of that, and there are so many great ones out there, offering both entertainment and learning. It's a bonus if apps stimulate both hemispheres of
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School Lunch Ideas That Kids Will Actually Eat

As a parent, you don't really plan for having a picky eater—it just sort of happens. One day, you have a sweet baby who is putting everything in her mouth and then, nothing at all. You pack nutritious, well-balanced lunches only for them come home untouched, traded for junk foods or, worse, tossed
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The Common Core FAQ

Although the Common Core State Standards (referred to as "Common Core" or CCSS), a set of K-12 English and Mathematics education standards, has been frequently seen in headlines lately, it's not a new concept nor is it untested in the U.S. education system. Common Core has been adopted by 43 states so
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The Zero Tolerance Policy: Does It Stop Bullying?

Bullying is an age-old problem that many kids have had to face at school. With the integration of electronics and social media into the lives of most children and teens today, cyber-bullying has become yet another method used by the pushy and aggressive to taunt their peers. According to,
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