Starting a Local Homeschool Support Group - Page 2

By Shauna Smith Duty

9. Diversity - Homeschooling families are diverse. If you want your homeschool group to be a religious based organization, require members to sign a statement of faith. Parenting and teaching styles are diverse, too, and respecting unfamiliar beliefs and methods can be difficult, especially for young children. Nevertheless, diversity is part of socialization, and teaching children to understand differences is essential in preparing them for life. Talk about these differences in the privacy of your home, and explain that as Americans we have freedom in schooling, discipline, religion, and lifestyles, and why freedom is so valuable.

10. Conflict - Unfortunately, parental conflict and disagreements between children will occur in any homeschool group. Be a mediator, and maintain open communication and honesty with everyone. Do not allow gossip to take root; it will destroy. Being a leader often means taking a stand for what is right, even if everyone is not pleased with the outcome.

Starting a support group can be challenging and time consuming, but the rewards are immeasurable. Local support groups benefit individual families by fostering relationships and providing social activities, and they also help build community awareness and respect for homeschooling families. If we want homeschooled children to become the leaders of tomorrow, we need to set an example by being the leaders of today.

About the Author:

Shauna Smith Duty is a freelance writer and homeschooling mom of two. She writes parenting content, family activity ideas, and inspirational short stories, and she provides book reviews and editing services.

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