19 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week

19 weeks pregnancy

Can you believe you are nineteen weeks pregnant now? You and your partner have been through a lot these last few months. Telling family members you are pregnant, picking out baby furniture, helping fix up the baby’s room, and everything else you have had to do with your pregnancy has gone by without any major kinks. Now here you are at a stumbling point in your pregnancy, picking out a baby name. Sure, he says you have plenty of time, but you want a name picked out for your baby now. Right? Sound familiar? In this week’s newsletter, we are going to talk about the big baby name debate. We will share our tips for picking out the perfect baby name and also give you the top ten things couples fight about when picking out a name for their baby.

What Is Going on with Mom & Baby


Baby is the size of a mango!

Baby: Baby’s crown to rump length is around 16 cm. Your baby weighs about 300 grams. Your baby’s skin is becoming less transparent looking. She can grasp things with her hands. Your baby’s permanent teeth buds are forming now.

Mom: If you stand on your feet for too long you may notice your feet start to swell. Rest with your feet elevated and try to avoid prolonged standing, if possible.

This Week’s Pregnancy Checklist

  • Make sure you are still taking your prenatal vitamins.

  • Purchase some neutral colored sheets for your crib mattress.

  • Purchase a baby monitor for your baby.

  • Write a journal entry in your pregnancy journal if you haven’t written anything in a while.

  • Purchase a baby carrier or sling for your baby.

  • Take a new belly picture for your scrapbook or journal.

Picking the Perfect Baby Name

You may hear all kinds of name suggestions as you are trying to think of the perfect name for your baby. What name should you choose? This is a permanent choice for your baby, and names are an important part of people’s identity. You want something unique but not trendy, or maybe you want something simple and classic. Whatever your naming style, you can use our tips to help you decide.

This is your baby - Remember this is your baby, and odds are no matter what name you decide on, somebody may not care for it. You may want to avoid asking other people’s opinions on your baby name and just keep it to yourself until the big day. If not, you may find yourself second-guessing yourself and not choosing the best name for “your” baby.

How do you feel about your name? - When choosing your name, ask yourself how you feel about your own name? Do you like it or do you wish your parents chose something a little different? Consider how your baby will feel about his or her name? Do you think there will be fifteen other kids with the same name in her classroom or will she feel like she has a name so bizarre that it sticks out like a sore thumb. Try to pick a name that you think you and your child will like.

Spelling it right - Think about how you spell your baby’s name. If you have a name you really like but want to make it different and unique, try spelling it your own way. On the other hand, if you like a classic name, choose a traditional spelling of your baby’s name.

Say it out loud - If you just aren’t sure about what to name your baby, say it out loud a few times. Keep saying it. If it starts to grow on you, then it might be the right name for your baby. If it just doesn’t quite feel right after a day or two, put the name back in the hat and try something else.

baby names

Top Seven Things Couples Fight About When Picking Out a Baby Name

Tradition - He wants the baby to be named David Isaac the third, and you don’t.

Boring names vs. unique names - Every name he wants sounds soooo boring to you, and you want something unique and original.

We don’t have to pick one yet - You want to settle on a name, and he just doesn’t want to make a final decision on the name any time soon.

Grandma or Grandpa really likes this name - Oh, that is a really sweet suggestion, but not for my kid.

In memory of name - You are getting pressure to name your baby after a loved one, and you don’t like the name.

Yuck, yuck, yuck - You hate it, hate it, hate it, and he just thinks it is the coolest name ever for a kid.

Association name game - Every name you pick makes him think of something. You like the name Wendy, he thinks of the restaurant. You like the name Regan, he thinks of the Exorcist.

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