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UK and Ireland Mummies

Autumn/Winter gardens?

Do you do any gardening in the autumn/winter? Do you have any plants that are for specific winter flowering? If yes, what type of plants are they? If you have trees in your garden, are they ever-green or do they lose their leaves?...


Choosing the Best Landscape for Your Herb Garden

All things that are found in formal gardens are suitable for use in informal design, the difference being in the manner in which they are arranged. Rather than the symmetrical relationship seen in the formal plan, the informal garden is casual in effect, yet by no means does it come into existence accidentally, without planning, but it must be carefully ordered and planned, bringing into mutual relationship the various characteristics of the garden situation. The informal landscape design...


New this year?

Are you planning to use any new techniques this year? What is new in your garden this year?...


Flowers - Bulbs or Seeds?

Do you have flower beds? Do you plant more bulbs or seeds?...

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Gardenscape on a Shoestring

By Laura Leavitt

You don't need a lot of money to make a beautiful garden.
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How to Make Stepping Stones

By JustMommies staff

need: stepping stone mix cake pans( square or round) water measuring cup wooden spoon or paint stick glass stones,marbles bucket popcicle stick or old pen( to write with) 1- Pour mix into bucket.Add 2 cups of water mix well.If it is still dry add more water 2 teaspoons at a time.It should be thicker
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Five Guidelines For Composting

By Laura Leavitt

Creating rich soil matter with your scraps is easy and fun.
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How To Build An Outdoor Waterfall

By Laura Leavitt

Want a gorgeous backyard waterfall? Here are some easy instructions!
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