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Moms of Infants

Crafty Mamas

Do we have any crafty mamas here? What sorts of things do you like to do?...

Arts and Crafts

St. Patrick's Day Kid's Craft Ideas

(a whole list of different ones) (3 leprechaun traps) ...

Arts and Crafts

Party menu pocket tutorial


Arts and Crafts

Decorating onesies

This is my new favorite craft because it's so easy :smile:. Saw a blog that inspired me... They decorate a onesie to look like the kid is wearing a formal tie. Lol! Wish I had thought of these before Christmas. Such a cheap & cute gift idea....

JustMommies Welcome Center

New to Just Mommies and Would love some support and feedback

Hello mommies, SO I just started a YouTube page for my little one who is 4yrs old. She is a huge fan of Ryan's Toy Review and had been asking for months to do some toy reviews. After a lot of thought and talking tediously with my husband we created a channel that was NOT going to be just for her but more geared toward a healthy family environment, bed time stories, counting and educational games and fun. We figured at the very least it would be a great way to let her express some of her crea...

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Father's Day Tool Belt

By JustMommies staff

Do you have a sewing machine? Are you looking for a creative gift to give your handy-man father this year? Follow this tutorial courtesy of 1. Cut out all the pieces 2. Now take one large piece and 1 of the Pocket C pieces. 3. Fold the Pocket C piece in half and cut. 4. Sew round
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Homemade Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

By Jill Britz

The candy aisle at the grocery store is littered with pink and red. Yep, it's that time of year again. If you're like many busy moms, checking Valentine’s Day off the to-do list is a bit of a chore. Alongside packing lunches and getting everyone out the door looking civilized, who has time to think
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How to Make Cupcake Ornaments

By JustMommies staff

Get the kiddies involved in this super easy Christmas project. Use glass ornaments and cupcake liners to create these adorable cupcake ornaments for your Christmas tree. Check out the instructions below, courtesy of Supplies needed: Glass or plastic Christmas balls (mini glass ornaments
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Fall Crafts for Kids

By Laura Leavitt

Getting craft projects going in the fall can be a great way to celebrate the season.
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Lucky T-shirt: Freezer Paper and Bleach T-Shirt Tutorial

By JustMommies staff

Want to make sure your kiddo doesn’t get pinched this year? Send her off to school in this adorable lucky t-shirt! Lucky T-shirt tutorial inspired by Make this t-shirt in just a few easy steps. To make your lucky t-shirt you will need: green t-shirt freezer paper bleach spray bottle
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Heart-Shaped Crayons: Valentine's Day Craft

By JustMommies staff

Melt your child’s broken crayons and turn them into cute little heart-shaped Valentine’s favors. All you need are a few supplies and you can turn ordinary crayons into a work of art. Here’s how you make them. Heart-Shaped Crayons Tutorial courtesy of Supplies:Crayons Heart-shaped
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Colorful Glass Window Art Tutorial

These colorful glass art frames would make the perfect gift for grandma or grandpa. They look sparkly
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Handmade Felt Ornaments

By JustMommies staff

Teach your kids about sewing by making these charming felt + yarn ornaments together! It's simple, fun, festive and the sky is the limit as far as shapes and colors! You will need: 1. Cookie cutters 2. Felt 3. Embroidery floss 4. Scissors 5.Needle (with large eye) 6. Marker Layer two sheets of
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Recycled Fall Craft: Pumpkin Book Centerpiece

Add a little pizzazz to your home decor with this easy and eco-friendly pumpkin centerpiece made out
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Drive-in Movie Cardboard Box Car

What child wouldn’t like watching his favorite movie in this fun cardboard box car? Using things from
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