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Father’s Day Gifts: From Homemade to High-Tech

By Laura Carlson

Stuck on what to get for Father's Day again?
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Why Cell Phones are bad for Parenting - and Tips to Break Your Addiction

By JustMommies staff

Media, in all its formats, seems to drive the world. Instant communication via news, texts, weather, music, entertainment, business hours, deliveries, pharmaceuticals, directions and advice seem to give everyone exactly what they need, precisely when they need it. Technology has made this driving force
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Father's Day Tool Belt

By JustMommies staff

Do you have a sewing machine? Are you looking for a creative gift to give your handy-man father this year? Follow this tutorial courtesy of Craftster.org. 1. Cut out all the pieces 2. Now take one large piece and 1 of the Pocket C pieces. 3. Fold the Pocket C piece in half and cut. 4. Sew round
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How to Get More 'Me-Time' and/or Time Together as a Couple

By Inhabitots

Is the notion of summer love a distant memory now that you have kids and you and your partner get no alone time? Is " date night" a term that makes you laugh out loud because it's such a foreign concept? Or maybe you just need a break yourself (even for 10 minutes!) from being an on-duty parent 24/7.
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Date Night for Busy Parents

While it can feel impossible, making a way to have date night through a little creativity and priorities can be wonderful for your relationship.
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Undoing the Permanent: Facts about a Vasectomy Reversal

By JustMommies staff

At some time in the past, you made a permanent decision not to father any more children and had a vasectomy. Now, life circumstances have changed and you and your partner want to have a baby. What can you do about it? Vasectomy reversal surgery is a viable option to make you a dad again. The Facts There
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Considering a Vasectomy? It's Not So Bad

By JustMommies staff

If you have decided to have a vasectomy and are feeling a little nervous about it, read on. It's not so bad. Here are a few facts to help calm you down and address your concerns. Let's talk about what a vasectomy will NOT effect: Sexual desire Ability to have erections Orgasm and accompanying sensations
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Today’s Family Man “Tapping Dad’s Potential”

By Gregory Keer

Even though more men are choosing greater involvement with their families, miles of improvement are still needed to shrink the gap between the average mom and typical dad. Much is said about what the guys lack and should do to make things better. But what can the women involved do to help a father tap
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"Daddy, Play With Me!"

By JustMommies member

The clock in Jeff’s car glows 6:40 P.M. as he rolls into the driveway after another long and tiring day at work. He opens the door to his home with a weary sigh and drops the mail next to the answering machine, which is blinking in that incessant, anxious way that demands listening. All he wants is
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JM's Six Funniest Celebrity Dads

By JustMommies staff

On television and in movies clever comics always keep audiences in stitches – and these funny celebrity dads know how to keep the laughs coming both on and off screen. Here's the countdown of our six absolute favorite proud pops .... ~~~~ 6. Adam Sandler Adam Sandler first got practice at being a
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