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Talking to Your Teen About Vaping

By Audrey Morris

What does your teen know about vaping?
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Gender Identity: Raising a Transgender Youth

When your child may be transgender, seeking knowledge and resources can help you parent well.
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9 Ways to Liven up Your Summer

These summer days and nights don't last, so get back to the simple fun this summer.
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4 Applications that Could Pose a Danger to Your Child

Keep an eye out for these icons on your child's phone.
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The 7 Best Code-Talking Methods Parents Use

Children are little sponges—after a while, they pick up on everything. From your actions to your words, at some point they begin to apply meaning to them. This is when most parents feel the need to get crafty and create code words that are designed to throw tiny listening ears off the trail of what's
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6 Coolest Apps for Tweens & Teens

These apps are a great reason to use your teen's cell phone for good things.
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Why Shaming Children is a Bad Idea

If you remember being a kid at all, chances are your memories are a mixture of awesome moments of triumph and glee, sprinkled with some incidents you'd rather forget. It's the same with everyone—life's unpleasant moments have a way of teaching you lessons. However, it's one thing to experience a natural
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New Year's Resolutions for Better Parenting

By Laura Carlson

Want to gain new skills for the New Year? Why not put “better parenting skills” at the top of your resolution list? It turns out that the way parents interact with their kids has a strong impact on how they develop. This relationship can affect certain actions, cognitive functions, and social skills.
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Cutting and Self Harm in Teens: What to do

The very idea may be frightening, but your teen may need some help right now.
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Helping Your Child Transition to Middle School/Junior High

The changes in middle school are substantial, but your family can handle those challenges.
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