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Trying to Conceive

TTC While Breastfeeding?

Are any other ladies here trying to conceive while breastfeeding? My DS is just shy of 9 months old, and we've started TTC #2 but it's getting very frustrating because my cycle is SO unpredictable, still. We started trying about a month ago in hopes that our children would be about two years apart, give or take a couple months. My AF returned when I was 5 months postpartum, and hasn't appeared again since. I've been taking a test a week or so just to be certain (all negative), and I'm feeling a ...


Breastfeeding And Cancer

is it true that breastfeeding can prevent cancer in both the mother and the baby?...


Found a really great article on breastfeeding a preemie

I thought the info was really good. I wish I had have known about this when I was breastfeeding my ds Brandon. I pumped with him but did not hand express. ...


hi! has anyone heard of the BabyNes forumla machine by Nestle?

Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, nice to meet you all! My name is Ashley. I'm a 27 year old soon to be a mom. This is my first child, and I'm trying to get all my research done around breast feeding/ bottle feeding. I'm hoping to breastfeed, but have heard of many children not taking to it, so want to keep my options open for the best formulas etc... Has anyone heard of this machine by Nestle? The BabyNes it's called. It's sort of like a one stop shop for bottles... uses the little sin...


Pumping at work

Just curious what other people are pumping while at work, I am away from my 10 month old from 7am to 5pm, I am only pumping about 9 ounces on a good day at the beginning of the week, then closer 6-7 by Friday. Although she is just getting over a cold, the decrease could be from that....

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What New Moms Should Know About Breastfeeding

By Audrey Morris

Are you a new mom breastfeeding your infant?
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5 Best Bottles for Nursing Babies

The right baby bottle can really help babies avoid nipple confusion while nursing.
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Top 10 Recipe Apps for Working Moms

These apps make it easy to figure out what's for dinner!
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Weaning Regrets and Depression

In the world of new-mommies, breastfeeding is a popular topic; especially in the beginning. Lactation specialists will arrive unannounced at your hospital bedside, advising and aiding in latch-on methods, milk production tips, and pump problems. By the time weaning winds around, much of the transition
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What is Cluster Feeding?

Cluster feeding can be an intimidating expression for new parents. It is the term used for when a baby's feeding times are bunched together. Cluster feeding is very common in newborns and young babies. Some mothers also report cluster feeding with older babies who are approaching a growth spurt. The
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Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with Tips on How to Breastfeed Successfully

By Inhabitots

It's World Breastfeeding Week 2014, and we are huge proponents of breastfeeding at Inhabitots. Here are some of our must-read, extremely helpful guides and stories on how to make your breastfeeding journey a rewarding and successful endeavor . First of all, since the medical community is failing breastfeeding
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Allergies and What You Eat While Breastfeeding

Whether because of misunderstandings, cultural differences or even old wives tales, your breastfeeding diet may feel like a long list of "don'ts." A lot of what you should and should not eat will depend on how your baby reacts during or after feedings. The foods you eat do affect the texture, makeup,
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10 Tips for Pumping More Breast Milk

When you're pumping milk for your baby every ounce counts. Some women have no problem keeping up with
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Nipple Confusion

The first few weeks and months can be a frustrating time for feeding.
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Breastfeeding Myths

There is a lot of talk about breastfeeding; let us make sure you aren't accidentally believing things that just aren't true!
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