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Flu Shot During Pregnancy

By Laura Leavitt

Getting your flu shot during pregnancy is a very good idea!
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Quitting Smoking During Your Pregnancy

By Laura Leavitt

It's difficult but important for the health of you and your child.
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Is it Safe to Lose Weight When Pregnant?

By Laura Leavitt

Most women can gain weight more slowly rather than losing it.
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Alcohol During Pregnancy: Is It Really that Bad to Have a Drink When Pregnant?

By Laura Leavitt

The research may obscure your best options while pregnant.
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Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

By Maria T. Pepin

It’s important to eat well-balanced meals and take prenatal vitamins during your pregnancy so that your developing baby can get all the essential nutrients it needs to grow strong. You should consume about 300 additional calories a day during this time. Many women wonder which foods are safe and which
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Toxins To Avoid During Pregnancy & Beyond

By Inhabitots

It's the good news and the bad news - in today's day and age we know so much about how babies in utero are affected by their mother's exposure to chemicals and toxins. While no woman wants to spend this joyful time in her life worrying herself sick, knowledge is power, and it's both empowering and beneficial
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Warning: 10 Things Pregnant Women Should Avoid

By Laura Leavitt

It's best to just avoid these items.
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Tanning During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

By Laura Leavitt

Tanning can be detrimental even outside of pregnancy.
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Pregnancy Don'ts

By Teresa Redmond

Here are some simple reminders for a healthy pregnancy.
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Hair Dye Use and Pregnancy Risks

By Patty Malowney

If you're an avid fan of keeping up with the latest hairstyles, you're probably wondering whether you can keep on coloring after conception.
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