Preschooler Development

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Language Delays: Is Your Child on Track?

Every parent knows that all children develop at a different pace. While some kids seem to arrive at every growth milestone at lightning speed, others simply need a bit more time to get there. This is perhaps especially true in regard to language skills. While a slower timeline in the development of language
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Early Warning Signs of Autism

By Laura Leavitt

The more you understand warning signs, the more you can understand your child's need.
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Getting Over Thumb-Sucking

By JustMommies staff

Thumb-sucking is a completely natural act of self-soothing that many babies begin when they are still in the womb. But while an infant sucking his thumb may look sweet and innocent, a five-year-old sucking his thumb may become the object of pity or ridicule. So at what point does thumb-sucking become
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Is My Preschooler Too Hyperactive?

By Laura Leavitt

Excitement and hyperactivity aren't really the same thing.
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That’s What Friends Are For: Socializing Your Small Child

By Nancy Da Silva

For the first few years of their life, you are your child’s best friend. You’re the one they play with, talk to and depend on for all their needs. They lavish all their love and attention on you. While you certainly want to maintain a loving and close relationship with your child it is just as important
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Gross! Helping Kids End Their Bad Habits

By Laura Leavitt

Little kids often have trouble controlling their impulses.
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