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Thinking About a Mommy Makeover? Things to Know Before Going Under the Knife

By Audrey Morris

Are you over your mom bod?
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5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day Your Way!

Mother's Day is the only day—aside from your birthday, of course—to celebrate just you, so this year take the holiday into your own hands and reward yourself for being the expert juggler-of-life that you are. Who else can operate as a chef, an accountant, a janitor, a teacher, a police officer, a
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Skin Care During Pregnancy

By JustMommies staff

Everyone knows about that special "glow" a woman has when she's expecting, but pregnancy isn't all good news when it comes to your skin. Hormones are raging through your body, and a number of skin conditions can develop. Even topical treatments can be absorbed into your system – and the baby’s –
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Five Easy Ways to Update Your Look

These quick changes can make a real difference!
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The Mane Event: Creating Salon-Quality Hair Styles At Home

By JustMommies staff

By JustMommies staff for our sponsor, Aussie You definitely don’t need to visit the salon for a sultry new hairstyle. From simple and sleek to a more natural vibe, here are tips for achieving any type of look for your luscious locks! 1. Glamorous Waves All Day Long Wash and blow dry your hair, working
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15 Minute Makeovers for Moms

By JustMommies staff

We all know the drill all too well: as a mom, you spend so much time taking care of your kids and everyone else that when it comes time to take care of yourself there’s never enough time. Well, now it’s time for that kind of thinking to come to an end, and here are quick and easy ways to help you
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Mommy Pampering 101: Affordable Ways to Pamper Yourself

By JustMommies staff

So much of a mom’s time is spent taking care of others, it’s easy to forget that you deserve to be pampered too. Taking a break from your daily routine to pamper yourself every now and then shouldn’t just be a luxury: by paying attention to yourself, you’ll be more relaxed, feel better about
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Easy Skin Care Routines for Every Mom

Taking care of your skin can totally change the way you feel after a tough day.
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