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Monster-in-law No More: How to Build Respectful Relationships with Inlaws and Grandparents

In-laws and your parents often have competing wants for time with your kids, which can be tricky to manage.
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7 Ways for Couples to Handle the Stress of Parenthood--Together

By Jill Britz

Parenting can put a lot of wear and tear on a marriage. But is it inevitable? Is high stress just the way life is until the empty nest?
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Are You a Married Single Mom?

Being in charge of everything in household life can leave a woman feeling burnt out, even with a partner around.
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How to Choose the Right Pet for Your Kids

"Please, Mom, can I have a puppy… all my friends have them." Have you heard such pleas? It's almost like a rite of passage in childhood - it seems that nearly every kid asks for a pet sooner or later. But figuring out if your family should get a pet, and, if so, what kind of pet you should choose for
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Date Night for Busy Parents

While it can feel impossible, making a way to have date night through a little creativity and priorities can be wonderful for your relationship.
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What Does it Take to Raise Happy Children?

It's one of the biggest questions that parents can ask, and the answer matters!
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Fight the Pressure to Over-schedule: 10 Tips to Take Back Your Family

With so many options for children's activities, saying "no" is sometimes the most important word.
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Friend or Parent: Striking the right balance

Your child needs to know when the line between friend and authority figure comes into play.
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The Power of Choice

Allowing children to choose themselves can be a great life lesson.
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What Triggers Your Anger?

If you can identify where your anger comes from, it can be easier to understand.
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