Snuggle Up for a Long Winter Nap

It's too bad moms and dads can't catch up on some much needed ZZZZZs and hibernate for the winter. But napping is a realistic option -- and with that in mind we've rounded up our favorite naptime related products for little ones and families. This giant bird's nest bed is big enough for your whole flock to snuggle up in for some shut-eye. Here are eight cozy and eco-friendly blankets to keep babies warm all winter . Since baby (theoretically) spends so much time slumbering, opt for one of these several non-toxic organic crib mattresses . Playtime may seamlessly turn into a dreamy snooze with this nautical aye aye blanket that inspires pirate adventures and cozy cuddling. If your wee one is prone to napping on-the-go, Apple Park's organic backpacks double as a soft pillow/lovey to cushion lights out. Kids who nap at school will definitely want to unroll an organic nap mat from SewnNatural before dozing off. If you don't sleep when the baby sleeps, perhaps you might take enchanting staged photos of your bundle of joy in la-la land . Spunge Organic nature blankets feature three-dimensional designs that will keep tots engaged if they awake from slumber in their stroller or car seat. The organic Swaddleme shown above will keep newborns feeling snug and secure during naptime. Sweet dreams!