Top 7 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

As a mom of a one-year-old and a founder of Enrout, a revolutionary alternative lodging search engine, I pretty much live and breathe baby travel everyday! Here are my top seven tips for traveling with a baby:

1) Consider renting a home or apartment that comes with amenities like a crib, play yard, high chairs, and strollers. This saves the stress of lugging those heavy things around. For example, this vacation rental comes with all the baby amenities I talked about, and as an extra bonus there is a space shuttle themed bedroom and a separate jungle themed bedroom to keep the older kids entertained.

2) Order baby food, diapers, wipes, and formula through Amazon Mom and have it delivered to your door. Next day delivery is free, and it saves you the trouble of lugging all that stuff around and allows you to skip the stressful trips to the grocery store.

3) Hotels are nice but sometimes when your baby falls asleep at 8pm, you're stuck eating takeout in the bathroom. Instead, consider a vacation rental that has two or more bedrooms. After the little angel falls asleep, mom and dad can enjoy the rest of the night without waking up the little one.

4) Save the most interesting things for last. Whenever we travel, we always start by playing with things nearby - plastic forks, flight magazines. Then we up it to Legos, then comes Monkey Lunchbox on mom's iPhone, and finally family videos when all else fails.

5) Kid themed rooms make it more exciting and entertaining for the older siblings, buying mom and dad more peace and quiet with the baby. For example, this Florida vacation home comes with a crib in the master bedroom, and an Antarctic penguin room, and a Disney-themed enchanted forest room that is ideal for entertaining the older kids.

6) White noise from your phone. You can buy apps for that, but I find the best way to give our baby son the five S's is to record the "shooshing" on my phone and play it over and over again until my son falls asleep. It works wonders!

7) Rent a hotel room with a kitchen or find a vacation rental. You can save money by preparing food at your home base and you won’t have to wait 20 minutes at the restaurant while your child is starving. Your toddler is also less likely to be fussy if he can eat foods he’s familiar with at home.

Traveling with a baby can be amazing with the right tricks up your sleeve. Hopefully these tips will help other parents out there! Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any more questions about traveling with kids. I'm here to help!