Mommy Pampering 101: Affordable Ways to Pamper Yourself

mom giving daughter a pedicure

So much of a mom’s time is spent taking care of others, it’s easy to forget that you deserve to be pampered too. Taking a break from your daily routine to pamper yourself every now and then shouldn’t just be a luxury; by paying attention to yourself, you’ll be more relaxed, feel better about yourself, and have a better attitude about everything you’re doing.

Early Morning Pampering

If you can, wake up a half hour or more before anyone else in the house (only if the kids are old enough to sleep through the night and you’re not being deprived of needed and well-deserved sleep!). This quiet time should be set aside just for you, so pamper yourself with a long, invigorating shower, a peaceful cup of herbal tea or coffee, or an uninterrupted look at your email inbox. Take a walk around the block and breathe in the fresh morning air. These “bonus” minutes can be your time to get organized without any distractions, and they’ll give even the busiest mom a jump start on the day.

mom holding coffee cup

Pamper Your Body

Moms know how much fun the kids have at bath time, so now take your turn in the tub! Instead of splashing around, you’ll probably want to soak for a while, and the end of the day is best for getting enough quiet time to pamper yourself and relax in a soothing and scented bubble bath. Put wet teabags or cucumber slices on your closed eyes for extra comfort benefits. Don’t forget to apply body cream after the bath for a refreshing finishing touch! Another way for a busy mom to pamper herself is with a manicure and pedicure, which you can do yourself to save money. Make arrangements for an at-home spa day with some friends, and do each others’ nails or even face treatments while the kids are keeping busy in another room.

Pamper Your Spirit

There are easy, inexpensive ways to recharge your inner battery, and these pampering breaks can rejuvenate even the most stressed-out mother’s body and soul. Deep breathing exercises can be done anywhere, at just about any time, even if you’re out with the kids in the park! Draw in a deep breath, feel it all the way down to your stomach, hold it for a few seconds, then slowly exhale. Try this a few times to help you relax and relieve some of the tension that builds up during your busy day. If you’ve got some time at home when your children aren’t around, light some scented candles, sit in a quiet spot and breathe in the calming environment you’ve created. Use this time to unwind, give in to a daydream or two, do yoga or meditate.

bath time spa items and candles

Pamper Yourself for Pennies

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on high-end cosmetics or other goodies to feel like you’re treating yourself to something special. Many stores offer luxurious body care products at deep discounts, so check out the shelves – or look online – and you can be soothed, smoothed, and pampered at affordable prices. If you’ve cut back on your coffee-to-go lately, think about indulging on a one-pound bag of coffee beans and brew the good stuff at home. If chocolate is your favorite guilty pleasure, buy a bar of fancy “artisan”-style chocolate. These are usually richer and denser in taste than the more common brands, so just a bit should satisfy your sweet tooth (and at about 150 calories per ounce, it’s better to take your time) … or pamper someone else in the house and share it!