6 Great Apps for the Foodie in All of Us

woman taking photo of coffee with smart phone

You're a mom, and while you may in fact enjoy a lovely bowl of mac 'n cheese, our bet is that you've got a bit of “foodie” in you. Whether you relish an hour or two in the kitchen with a glass of wine beside you to roll dough or stir sauces, or you're more the let's-get-a-sitter, there's-a-new-restaurant-around-the-corner type of gal, we all enjoy good eats, don't we? With summer still at our feet, what better time to ramp up your cooking skills or fine-tune your dining out with some great foodie apps! We've assembled a list of six great apps to enhance any and every eating experience, even with kids in tow.

1. New York Times Cooking

Who couldn't use a few reinforcements from the big guns, especially after a summer of hot dogs and picnics, juice boxes and lunchables? This app is gorgeous, with 17,000 tested recipes and an Editor's Collection of themed recipes--perfect as you begin to think fall dinners for the school year and more serious eating for everyone.

man photographing food

2. Yummly

Another beautiful app for gleaning new recipes, Yummly is a dream. This app allows you to filter recipes according to what ingredients you have in your pantry, and you can build shopping lists as you browse recipes from around the web. Your meal-planning just got tons easier!

3. Amount

Ever get stuck trying to remember how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? Have you ever glossed over a recipe because it was in metric and what the heck? Yeah, us, too. But now you don't have to. With Amount, conversions are easy-peasy, and you'll never have to bypass that great looking German cake recipe in metric again.

4. Matchbook

The perfect app for keeping track of all the cool restaurants you'd like to try out, along with a feature to map them for you. When you're out for a night on the town, you can dial into your list and check what's nearby, then hit the nearest restaurant for a great night out, crossing one off your bucket list. Huzzah!

5. Delectable

It was a stunning glass of wine you enjoyed at your sister's wedding, but what was it called again? “Gosh, that'd be helpful information right now,” you think to yourself, staring at innumerable bottles in the grocery store. But with Delectable, you can point, shoot, & record all the best wines, building both your knowledge and your repertoire as a wine connoisseur so you'll forever be able to pair the right wine with your steak. And won't your sister be impressed, remembering that great wine she served at her wedding, sitting now on your kitchen table? Life just got so much easier.

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6. Fooducate

This app is sheer genius as you juggle good nutrition with busy family life. Fooducate allows you to snap a picture of any item at the grocery store and gives you a rating on how it stacks up nutritionally. What's a better snack food? What makes a good dessert for kids? With Fooducate, you have automatic help in both these departments and more. The app even offers healthy alternatives to your favorite junk food and allows you to keep a calorie count to keep you & your whole family on a solid, healthy nutritional path!

Whatever you may be up to at the end of summer, eating well and eating fun are paramount to those experiences. Try out any of these apps to make all of your eating great!