Drive-in Movie Cardboard Box Car

Step 1

You will need a large, sturdy cardboard box to make this project. Cut off three sides of the box’s lids. Leave one side to create the dashboard. Fold it down at an angle.

Step 2

Use a small throw pillow or a folded towel to create a shag carpet for your car. For the snack tray, an old shower accessory was used and attached to the car with zip ties.

Step 3

Attach a steering wheel toy and a set of toy keys to the dashboard with zip ties.

Step 4

The license plate is made from a shoebox lid, construction paper and felt stick-on letters adhered with oodles of hot glue. The bumper sticker is just a random puppy magnet.

Step 5

The wheels are made from craft foam, cut into circles and CDs. A push light was attached to create a headlight – two would be better – but use what you have around your house.

Step 6

Fill up your car with movie snacks and it’s movie time!