A Healthy Breakfast is a Glass Away (Sponsored)

Brought to you by Milk

In a world where we are constantly on the go, we all need a quick solution to getting our necessary nutrients without it being a headache. That's why starting your day off with a glass of milk is your new solution to fulfilling your bodies daily needs.

Milk is the top food source for three out of the four "nutrients of concern" including calcium, potassium and vitamin D. It's also packed with nine essential nutrients including 8 grams of high-quality protein. Opt for fat free milk for the same nutritional benefits with lower fat and calories.

With B vitamins for energy, protein for lean muscle, vitamin A for a healthy immune system and five bone-building nutrients, all milk - including fat free or lowfat milk - packs the same nutrient-rich punch. So, whether in a glass or served in a bowl, milk is a versatile beverage for any breakfast.

Make milk your everyday choice to boost energy, maintain strong bones, and increase your daily endurance. To learn more about Milk's nutritional benefits, go to http://milklife.com/