Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Father’s Day is nearly upon us! Are you looking for gift ideas for the dads in your life? Whether you are looking for a gift for your husband or your own father, or for your kids to give their dad, there is an affordable idea here for every type of dad!

1. Is dad a man who loves trying new microbrewed beer or fun flavored sodas? This USA beer cap map allows him to collect and display caps from his favorite beers, and to keep track of the breweries he has tried. Do you think he’d rather have a state map? Quite a few states are available as well. $35; state prices vary.

2. Is dad thinking of getting with the beard trend? Or maybe he borrows your hair supplies for beard care? A beard care kit will set him off on the right foot! $17.99

beard kit

Image source: Amazon.com

3. Whether dad is a bike commuter, mountain biker, runner, walker, hiker, or open water swimmer, he should always carry ID in case of accident or other emergency. But not all sports make it easy to carry ID, especially ID that won’t become separated from him. And that’s what Road ID is for! Many different styles, from dog tag to bracelet or anklet or even an ID that fits on a Garmin, Apple Watch, or Fitbit. Prices vary by style, $20-$40.

4. Did dad read and enjoy Hamilton? Grab Ron Chernow’s latest biography, Grant, or find something from his backlist. Prices vary by title.

5. Ties may be the traditional Father’s Day gift, but you can be a little different and give him some silly dress socks! Kids will love picking silly socks for dad—get a 2-pack, with a #1 Dad pair, and then a silly pair, there are lots of choices. What dad wouldn't appreciated taco, bacon and egg, or football socks? $15

Image source: Amazon.com

6. Are the kids old enough to start playing basketball? Or maybe dad gave up his favorite sport between work and fatherhood? Grab him a never flat indoor/outdoor basketball, and watch him have some fun--and maybe join in yourself.
time to get the kids playing, or relive his childhood? Indoor/outdoor if he plays in a gym now! $25

7. Whether he’s a techie or not, every dad can use a phone charge power bank for those long days in the field or at an all-day meeting. This small Anker provides 2 to 4 full charges, depending on phone type. $30

8. Does dad want to upgrade his grooming routine, but not enough to go shopping for new products? Or does he find it overwhelming? Get him a gift set and 3-month subscription to Birchbox man. $38.

fathers day

Image source: Amazon.com

9. Can you always find dad manning the grill at family picnics, tailgating parties, or even over a campfire? This stainless steel grilling basket for meats or veggies (or both) lets him flip everything at once—and since it has a sliding lock, there are no worries about food falling out! At 14 x 9 when folded, this basket can be used with all types of grills—and it fits so food cooks evenly. Marinade brushes included. $25

10. Any guitar-playing dad will love this: a guitar pick punch. This set comes with colored plastic sheets, but he won’t need refills—any thin plastic can be used, from credit cards and gift cards to old IDs or electronics packaging. Includes a pick-holding keychain. $26