5 Apps for Your Best Summer Ever!

Summer is here, so carpe diem! Don’t waste it sitting on your couch. Instead, get up and get out. We've got some great apps to help you navigate these exciting, blissful months.

1. Groupon. Though it seems like a no-brainer, Groupon has some of the most amazing deals. Each day you can check in for discounts at local restaurants, theme parks, or theaters to cash in on some serious family fun. What better way to build some outstanding family memories by being able to purchase them on the cheap?

2. Uber. So, you're on a stellar family vacation and suddenly find yourself in a taxi-needing situation. You can call a taxi, pay an arm and a leg, or you can be ready for such unexpected circumstances by pre-installing Uber on your phone before you hit the airport. For pennies on the dollar, Uber will send a local driver to you within minutes of putting in your request—tight situation handled without breaking your vacation budget.

3. MapMyRide. You're going on great excursions with your kids. You knocked the family vacation out of the ballpark because you were prepared and didn't spend your wad on emergencies. But, are you taking care of yourself? One of the blessings of these bounteous summer months is the nice weather, so why not make the most of it and treat yourself to a bike ride? Riding could even be a jumpstart to some healthier habits, for both you and your family. And with MapMyRide, you can track just how far it is to the nearest playground or the nearest ice cream shop.

4. Ziplist. It's five o'clock on a Friday night and this is what you hear: “Mom, what's for dinner? We're starving!!” What now? As much as summer is carefree and light, you can't skimp on feeding your family. Ziplist is an excellent app for meal planning, so you can keep up your healthy eating all through the summer. And with Ziplist's grocery list-building feature, you won't be bringing home 17 bottles of ketchup for this weekend's barbecue.

5. The Weather Channel. You may have your summer planned to a T, but if a thunderstorm sneaks up on your picnicking afternoon, is the day wasted? Better yet, grab the Weather Channel's app so you can be on top of your scheduling-great-activities game. With a 15-day outlook and meters for both allergen levels and cold/flu activity in your area, this app sets you up with everything you need to make every single day of your summer amazing.

Summer is a wonderful time for family, but it cruises by way too fast. Hook yourself up with one or more of these super helpful apps and enjoy your best summer yet!