Speed Cleaning: Tips & Tricks to Get Your Home Clean in a Hurry

husband and wife cleaning house

Who has time for thorough housecleaning these days? With these speed cleaning tips, you’ll be able to clean your home in record time with surprisingly satisfying results. If you don’t have time to speed clean your entire home, pick one or two jobs – dusting, cleaning the bathrooms – and do those throughout the house, then take on the next few tasks during another speed cleaning mission.

man vacuuming

Speed Cleaning: Clean Your Home From Top to Bottom

When you set aside time for speed cleaning, don’t allow any distractions. Gather all the cleaning materials you’ll need beforehand – you don’t want to interrupt your speed cleaning to run to the store for rubber gloves or a can of cleanser. (When you’re done, put everything back in a handy spot for next time, and make sure to replace any products or supplies you’ve used up.) Many cleaning professionals believe it’s wisest to move in a top-to-bottom path, whether you live in a multi-level home or you’re speed cleaning rooms in an apartment or smaller house. Clean, then dust, then vacuum. Carry a basket or storage tub with you to gather clutter that can be put away later – or, better yet, tossed in the trash! Set a time limit for each room and stick to it; spending too much time in any one room will sidetrack your speed cleaning strategy. If there’s a major cleaning project that needs to get done, make a note to do it at another time. If an area in one of the rooms is already clean, don’t waste time making it cleaner. If there’s just one dirty place on a large surface (a refrigerator door, for example), clean just the spot, not the entire space. When you’ve finished each room, move on and don’t go back; you don’t want to sabotage your speed cleaning by bringing dirt back into a room you’ve already cleaned!

woman cleaning kitchen

Speed Cleaning: Company’s Coming

Whether you know in advance or you get a last-minute call from friends or family unexpectedly in town, it’s happened to everyone – the company’s coming and you’ve got little or no time to straighten up. Speed cleaning can do the trick in under an hour. Gather up all those magazines and other papers and clutter and put it all in a cupboard or closet or big basket you can squirrel away in another room. Look around the living room for obvious dust bunnies and give just that area a quick wipe. Sweep or vacuum just the floor in the room you’ll be visiting with your guests. Wash any dirty dishes in the kitchen or load them into the dishwasher. You can even stash some loose items in the dishwasher while you’re speed cleaning – but remember to take them out before you turn it on later! Wipe off all kitchen surfaces to give your kitchen a fresh, clean look. Do the same in the bathroom, paying special attention to the mirror and toilet. Consolidate and take out the trash. Close the doors to rooms your impromptu guests won’t be going into. Spray some air freshener, or light scented candles in the entry way for a welcoming touch. One thing you can do in advance is keep a set of storage tubs on hand and label them with the names of each family member. As you zoom through the house or apartment doing your speed cleaning, toss loose articles into their respective tubs. If you don’t have individual tubs handy, toss everything into one big container while you’re speed cleaning and worry about putting it all away later.