Legitimate Ways to Work from Home: Ideas and Tips from Real WAHMs

woman working at home with baby

If you've thought about working from home, you may have wondered what you could do and how to avoid being scammed. You may have thought that there just aren't any legitimate work-at-home jobs out there, but there are tons of moms that are working from home and making real money. Here are some tips from real work at home moms on how to make money from home.

Do your Research

There is more than one avenue for making a living from home. Some moms find freelance work, some moms find online jobs, and others start their own businesses. Think about what you would feel most comfortable doing, what will be feasible for you to do with your skills, and how to go about finding work from home. WAHM.com is a good starting point for researching jobs you can do from home, business ideas, and places that hire freelancers.

Know How to Spot a Scam

Avoid jobs listed on online classified sites. Before taking a job, look into the company on the Better Business Bureau or consider hiring an attorney to review any employment contracts. A company that promises easy money, huge paychecks with no experience, or just sounds too good to be true, probably is. Use your instincts. Never give anyone money to work for them or to find you work.

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Consider Your Options

What are you good at? What are your skills? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit or would you prefer to work for an employer? As the Internet has grown, so has the opportunity for people to work from home.

Jobs from home: More employers are utilizing telecommuting or allowing employees to do some of their work from home. In addition, there are jobs like web developing, editing, medical coding, and more that can be done from home. If you have skills that work well for a work-at-home job, talk to your employer about working from home or doing some of your work from home. You can also look for job openings in your field that would allow you to stay home.

mom working at home with baby

Freelancing: Rather than hiring full-time employees, some companies hire freelancers to work for them. Freelancers are self-employed employees who commit to short-term projects, contracts, or non-contracted jobs for companies. If you are good at writing or editing, freelancing may be the way to go. Websites, newspapers, magazines, and other companies often hire freelancers to handle their companies' writing or editing projects. Other freelancing jobs include search engine optimization, web design and development, graphic design, legal work, marketing, or consulting.

Start a business. If you are crafty, have a great idea for a website or blog, or just have an enthusiastic, energetic personality, starting a business might be the right way for you to make money at home. Starting your own business doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot of money. You could start an Etsy or eBay business if you are good at knitting, sewing, crafts, or making jewelry. To start a website or blog, you just need a little web design know-how, the purchase of a domain name and web hosting, some social media savvy, and dedication. Network with other WAHMs to help you get started.

There are also networking and direct marketing businesses that sell everything from make-up, to handbags, to jewelry. Before you sign up for a direct marketing business, check the Better Business Bureau. Also, be prepared. This type of business takes a lot of hard work and motivation to make a full-time living.

However you decide to pursue your dream to work at home, there is plenty of information and support in the WAHM community to help you get started. Do your homework and when you're ready, give it a shot!