The Best Apps for Trying to Conceive

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“There’s an app for that,” has become a common phrase in today’s device-driven culture. It seems there’s an app for everything nowadays. Concerning something as imitate as conception, it seems hard to believe “there’s an app for that;” but there is, and with a variety to choose from. From tracking fertility to recording vitamin and meal intake, there are digital aides to helping women tackle the task of pregnancy like never before. Here are eight of the best apps to help you on the road to conception.

Fertility Friend

Need to track ovulation at home or on the go? Want online advice, support, and community? Fertility Friend is a possible program pal. This free app is a latitude of the prevalent website of the same name. United with the browser-based version, it can be used on your apple or android products, as well as your home computer. This one-stop app will help you predict your fertility window with a color-coded fertility calendar, find support in a community forum, observe cycle statistics, and learn from various eBooks and tutorials.

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Pink Pad Period

Perhaps you are planning a pregnancy, perhaps you are hoping to prevent it. Pink Pad has you covered. An all-in-one app for women's health, this period tracker and ovulation calculator also includes symptom tracking that you can customize. There are paid-for versions as well as a free option, available for both Apple and Android devices. From your phone, you can also shop for various health and fertility products, or sync up your regular calendar to track and share important and necessary days with your partner.

Period Tracker

Speaking of tracking menstrual cycles, Period Tracker is an app that goes beyond simply predicting your period. It tracks your moods, symptoms, weight, and temperature! Available for Apple and Android, Period Tracker makes predictions based on your past 3 cycles and gives you beyond-calendar context to tracking and planning your fertility journey. The icon is reportedly discreet and simple to use, making it private and easy to track or predict your womanly woes.

My Fertile Food

What you eat can help or hinder your fertility chances. Health, egg quality, and chemical balance can all play factors in conception, and food contributes to various elements of that. Not only will My Fertile Food automatically offer guidelines and daily targets to boost your fertility, but it will also help record the progression of healthy fats, protein, superfoods, and water intake. Eating right helps optimize your attempts to conceive, along with setting you on the road for healthy habits through pregnancy and beyond.

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Load your iPhone or iPad with this digital menstrual tracker and you’ll be carrying around the program that Forbes magazine dubbed a "top iPhone app for busy women." No more pen and paper calendar reminders for ovulation or birth control prompts, iPeriod sends alerts and other health-related cues, including breast exam notices. Notes and progress reports make it simple to keep all your cycle information and feminine health details all in one easily accessible spot.


This free app and connected fertility thermometer gives women “the knowledge, support, and confidence” to sit in the driver's seat of their own bodies. Tracking basal body temperatures to know when progesterone has kicked in, along with watching cervical fluid, helps aide women in their fertility efforts. Available for Apple and Android, Kindara specializes in assisting women to manage their reproduction issues to either get pregnant or avoid conception.

Kegel Camp

Vitamins, period tracking, ovulation tests… they can only go so far without action. Kegel exercises are a pivotal point for pregnancy preparation. Not only do they help to increase the blood flow and muscle strength to the pelvic area, but they also make reproduction healthy and fun. Kegel Camp notifies you when it’s time to begin your workout, and brings you through various levels of difficulty as you improve and practice. Pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy, you’ll be happy you chose the Kegel Camp app to practice your pelvic performances.


Not everyone has regular cycles or predictable period symptoms. Whether your period never seems to come on the same week as the month before or your emotions are all over the radar, WomanLog is the app to help. Tracking your symptoms and schedule, WomanLog helps you forecast ovulation while reminding of doctor appointments and health cues. Don’t worry about forgetting to take your temperature or vitamin, WomanLog will remind you. It will also be an easy transition after a baby has arrived, with featured child development charts and sleeping/breastfeeding diaries.

The daily life of trying to become pregnant has never been such a simple touch-screen away. From fertility watch to nutrition tracking, conception apps have all the high-tech tools you need to attempt conception and maintain a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Want a bun in your oven? What are you waiting for? App it up.