Homemade Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

The candy aisle at the grocery store is littered with pink and red. Yep, it's that time of year again. If you're like many busy moms, checking Valentine’s Day off the to-do list is a bit of a chore. Alongside packing lunches and getting everyone out the door looking civilized, who has time to think of making Valentine’s Day gifts for your kids to hand out in class or pop in an envelope for grandma and grandpa? But we've assembled a collection of simple, kids-can-do-these crafts so you can not only send your small one to school well-equipped, but also with an original touch of the homemade. What's better than simple AND original?

Thumbody Loves You

Easy enough for your littlest ones to do with assistance or for your bigger kid to do on her own, this simple craft project requires:

  • Paper (card stock in valentine colors)

  • Fingerpaints

Cut the card stock sheets in half (width-wise), and then fold again in half. Squirt paint into a disposable container—we like yogurt lids or egg cartons. Dip little thumbs into the paint, then press one print on top of the other to form a thumb “person.” After the paint dries, write “Thumbody Loves You” above the tiny person (or people, if you're so inclined!). Attach a piece of candy, pencil or sticker to the inside to complete this lovely treat.


This craft is simple enough for school-age children to complete on their own, or with some assistance for smaller children. Craft supplies needed:

  • Paper (Valentine colors or otherwise)

  • Pencil for tracing

  • Scissors

  • Markers or crayons for decorating

Place your child's hand on a sheet of paper, fingers spread. For younger kids, trace their hands for them; older kids may want to trace their own hands. Cut out the hands, being careful to keep all paper fingers intact. After the hands are cut out, use markers or crayons to write individual messages on each card, such as “High Five, Valentine!,” “You're So Hand-Some!,” or any original message. The card can also be decorated with glitter or stickers for a little extra bling, and taping a sucker to the hand always makes for a high-five kind of treat!

You Rock!

This sweet treat requires even less crafting, but still contains the same Valentine punch!

Craft supplies needed:

  • Pop Rocks candy (available in most grocery stores or online)

  • Card stock or sticker paper

  • Markers or crayons

  • Scissors

  • Tape/glue

For each package, measure a piece of card stock or sticker paper the width of the candy package and approximately 1-1 1/2” tall. Cut out the paper or have your child cut out the paper. Write a cute message like “You Rock!” or “Being Valentines Rocks! Thanks for being Mine!” on the paper, or have your child write it themselves. Adhere paper to the bottom front of the candy package with tape or glue. Decorate with extras, if you or your child would like.

Valentine's Day is such a fun opportunity for your kiddos to share the love with their friends and family members. With these simple Valentine’s Day ideas, you can enjoy being part of their excitement without the added stress and work, which means everybody wins on the holiday of love.