Toxins To Avoid During Pregnancy & Beyond

It's the good news and the bad news - in today's day and age we know so much about how babies in utero are affected by their mother's exposure to chemicals and toxins. While no woman wants to spend this joyful time in her life worrying herself sick, knowledge is power, and it's both empowering and beneficial that women can arm themselves with cutting edge information on protecting themselves and their developing baby from detrimental environmental toxins.

Since studies have shown that BPA can cross the placenta from mom to fetus, it's a wise move to avoid harmful BPA at all costs. BPA exposure in utero is linked to lower birth weight, and babies exposed to BPA in the womb may have an increased risk of breast cancer in later life. It's also important to try to steer as clear as possible of air pollution, which can lower a child's IQ points by 4 points. Additionally,exposure to pesticides in the womb are linked to learning disabilities, so choose organic foods and avoid genetically modified foods, becausemother and baby pesticide exposure has been linked to GMOs. Learn 7 eco-friendly food safety tips for moms-to-be that will help you with meal selections and prep. And be sure to negate your exposure to PCB while pregnant because this hazardous chemical may harm baby's immune system. It is crucially important to be cognizant of your growing baby's health and safety, especially in light of a new study which suggests autism is linked to a child's prenatal environment more than genetics. If you're concerned about the recent research that says cell phone radiation during pregnancy is linked to behavioral disorders of offspring, read our tips on how to protect your baby from cell phone radiation risks during pregnancy.