7 Pregnancy Apps

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There are dozens of different pregnancy apps that you might want to check out to help you through the next nine months. They can make life a lot easier through the pregnancy process, since you can take them with you on the go. Mobile apps are a lot easier to carry with you than the encyclopedia-sized pregnancy books that everyone wants to give you as a gift! Explore these seven pregnancy apps and see if one of them is just what you're looking for.

Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

Baby Bump is simple to use and has a cute design. It is a great organizing tool, and keeps you updated every week on your baby's development and yours. One of its neatest features is the pregnancy forum, where you can share the ups and downs of pregnancy with other expecting mothers.

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This one lets you keep track of important health information. You can log in and store your medical information, such as your weight and blood pressure, after every visit to the doctor. It also has a lengthy list of names, if you're having trouble coming up with one for your imminent arrival.

Pregnancy Companion

Pregnancy Companion has a wealth of useful alternative health tips and information. One neat feature is the acupressure points that it recommends for easing pain or discomfort. It can help you keep track of how much water you're drinking (and whether you need to drink more). There's also a drug safety list and a number of healthy recipes.

Your BFF During Pregnancy

This is one of the top-ranked pregnancy apps when it comes to organizing and planning. There's nothing really cutesy or fun about it, but it has comprehensive checklists and lots of rock-solid advice, covering everything from nausea to better ways to get to sleep. It also syncs up with iCal.

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Baby Checklist

Baby Checklist has a pretty comprehensive list of everything you'll need after your baby arrives. It's tough to remember everything you'll need, but this app can provide that information. From a baby crib to a baby bathtub, from clothing to car seats, the list will keep you on track. It even lets you store the model numbers of items you're thinking about buying so you can compare different brands later.

Peaceful Nursery

If you're hoping to design an organic and chemical-free nursery for your new arrival, this is the app for you. Peaceful Nursery has checklists of safe plastics, fragrance and chemical-free bedding and mattresses, non-toxic toys, and more. It even recommends soothing color schemes to decorate or paint the room to help your baby sleep.

My Labor Bags

You don't want to wait until your water breaks to pack your bags to take to the hospital. My Labor Bags will keep you organized so you know when to pack a bag for you, your husband, and the new arrival. It even has a countdown to recommend how many days before your delivery date you should have everything packed and a checklist to make sure you have everything you will need ahead of time.