Creative Baby Shower Games

1. Baby Stroller Obstacle Course

Put a doll in a stroller, and set up an obstacle course! This can get as absurd as you want it. Set up cones, rows of large rocks, a barking dog, other people walking babies that want to chat, and as many obstacles you can come up with, including stops like re-diapering the baby and finding a lost sock. Time everyone how long it takes for them to make it through the course, shortest time wins!

2. Name that Baby Tune

There are several ways you can use this game, which is bound to have your party guests laughing. Find all the songs you can with the word “Baby” in them. For instance, TLC’s “Baby-Baby-Baby,” or “Baby Baby” by Amy Grant, or “I Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher. When you have a good selection of about 10 or more songs, make a mix of the songs and play bits of each while the guests guess what song it is. Or take partial lyrics from each and write them out for everyone to match up. Another fun spin on this game would be to have your guests come up with as many songs as they can think of with the word baby in them. If you have access to the internet at the shower you could even play a few of them for fun. What mom-to-be doesn’t want to hear Milli Vanilli’s “Baby Don’t Forget My Number” before her child is born?

3. Whose baby is that? Match celebrities with their babies

This game is fairly simple to set up, yet more difficult to play. Cut out pictures from tabloids or use the internet to find pictures of celebrities with their babies. Have your guests match up which baby goes with which celebrity. The person with the most correct wins the game. If everyone gets them correct, point out what a collective loss it is that everyone follows celebrity gossip that much and pass out the ice cream.

4. Ice, Ice, Baby!

(Hey, it’s another song for Name that Baby Tune!) The objective of this game is to see who’s “water breaks” first. The night before the shower, fill small paper cups with water and put small plastic babies inside them (found at most major craft stores). Freeze them overnight. As guests arrive at the shower, pass them each a frozen baby. Throughout the duration of the shower, the baby cups will slowly melt. (Guests may also breathe on them to speed up the process if they want). The first one with completely melted ice yells out, “My water broke!” and wins the game.

5. The Price is Right, Baby!

“Mom-to-Be, Come on down!” Bob Barker would be proud to watch your guests have at it with this creative baby shower game. Buy a dozen or so baby items needed by the parents-to-be. Diaper wipes, a pacifier, a rattle, etc. Write the price of each item on one side of a blank note card, and the item itself on the other. Play it just like the TV show, everyone must guess the price of each item, and the player with the highest total—without going over—wins. Afterward, the mom-to-be gets to bring the handy stuff home.

6. Bun in the Oven

This game is full of sweet surprise. Prior to the shower, bake a batch of cupcakes. In just one cup, drop one miniature plastic baby. At the shower, bring out the plate of undecorated cupcakes—without mentioning that one is secretly ‘pregnant’—and have everyone decorate just one a piece with frosting, sprinkles, and small candies. The mom-to-be decides the winner by picking her favorite one. Then, as soon as the guests are about to dive in and eat their delicious sweets, let the party know that whoever finds the baby is due to be next in line to have her own!

7. Diaper Olympics

On your mark, get set, diaper that baby! Situate diapering stations complete with diaper wearing dolls. Divide attendants into teams, hand out a blindfold to each and get a timer ready. Teams must take turns taking the current diaper off the doll and placing a new one on as fast as possible—while blindfolded! The first team to accomplish the diapering challenge in the shortest time wins the gold.

8. Watermelon Baby

This game will have everyone cracking up. Divide guests into teams and give each team a watermelon. Provide them with markers, yarn, cotton balls, hats, fabrics, whatever you can think of. Tell them each to dress the watermelon as best they can to predict what the baby-on-the-way will look like! Everyone can vote on the winner, if they can stop laughing long enough.