Our Staff

James Keating

| General Manager

James Keating is a General Manager at Internet Brands working with several teams for businesses focused on improving your home, renting an apartment, finding a deal, or even landing a job.

With a fascination in science and technology, James attended the University of Scranton to earn his bachelors of science in Electrical Engineering. Building experience in sales and marketing and raking up a couple million frequent flier miles working across Europe and Asia, he returned to school at Fordham University to earn his MBA in Marketing and Corporate Finance. After business school, James was a key member of the management team which successfully built, internationalized, and sold a shopping search engine called ShopWiki.

Curious as to how things work, James was known as a kid to open up just about anything and then try to re-assemble, much to his parents' chagrin as it often had leftover parts.

Kimberly Keller

| Senior Content Manager

Kimberly Keller is the senior content manager for JustMommies. She left her job in the film industry to pursue her passion for writing and website coding and focus on a career in online media. An accomplished journalist, she has worked abroad in Italy and received awards for her work from USC, CSUN, and A'Design Awards.

From building websites to writing and editing, work on both sides of digital publishing has given Kimberly unique perspectives that she brings to the sites she manages with Internet Brands. She believes in the importance of creating a user experience that brings carefully researched articles on pregnancy, raising kids, and family life to mothers everywhere.

While not a mom herself, she shares a close relationship with her family, especially her mother. From fostering a childhood full of curiosity and unique experiences to travelling abroad together as adults, Kimberly cherishes her relationship with her mom and understands the importance of that bond no matter who you are.

In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys travelling, working on DIY projects, and volunteering with local animal rescues and Habitat for Humanity. Her favorite childhood memory is being summoned to the school office so her mom could sneak her a giant birthday cookie cake in the middle of the day.

Angela Sabrowsky

| Junior Content Manager

Angela Sabrowsky has been the junior content manager for Just Mommies for the past year.

She got her start in the publication industry working on her high school newspaper in Redondo Beach, California, where she spent deadline nights designing page layouts and editing news stories. Following that initial exposure into journalism, she became the managing editor at her award-winning community college newspaper. It was there she met her husband, who beat her in a popularity contest to become editor-in-chief (she may still be bitter about that).

Based in Los Angeles, Angela enjoys spending time on the West Coast with her family, whether it's camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains or crabbing in Washington's Puget Sound on the 4th of July (an annual tradition for the past 20 years). She also loves vintage furniture and is always scouring estate sales for her next great find.

Some of her favorite childhood memories are when she spent summers with her siblings and cousins on her grandparents' property in Oregon. They would pick blackberries and play outside until it got dark and her grandma called them inside for dinner.

Emily Marchetta

| Content Editor

Hi! I'm Emily Marchetta, JustMommies Content Editor since 2011. My work at JustMommies allows me to combine my passions for parenting, education, and family wellness with my professional experience in online resource building. Since graduating from Concordia University, Irvine in 2009 I've worked in digital marketing, content development, and managed forum communities on websites that host over 10 million visitors annually. I've also freelanced; my written work has been published online and in print publications. When I'm not working, you can find me homeschooling my two kids, binge-watching British TV, enjoying the beautiful southern California sunshine, or whipping up a gluten-free mess in the kitchen! A favorite childhood memory I have is being a Doula to my friend's golden retriever as she delivered nine puppies in our laundry room. To this day I still can't resist a good birth story!

Patty Malowney

| Administrator & Co-Founder

I'm Patty Malowney, co-founder of JustMommies.com. My twin sister Teresa and I started JustMommies.com in 2004 with the mission of making the most friendly and informative site for moms. I have written on every topic of motherhood, from trying to conceive, to pregnancy, to babies, and raising teens. I have 5 amazing kids, from college age to elementary school. JustMommies is my second home and I hope that you enjoy your visit. I grew up in Florida and my favorite childhood memory is my birthday. Every year my mom would bake cakes for both my sister and I. We got to decorate them however we wanted. I have always been a creative person and experiences like this helped nurture my creativity.

Michelle Ho

| Project Manager

Michelle Ho is a web project manager for JustMommies.

She studied Biochemistry and Neuroscience at the University of California, Los Angeles and has shifted her love for details from learning science at a molecular level to helping to implement technical projects for sites like JustMommies.

Michelle finds JustMommies to be a helpful resource for parents and soon-to-be parents in learning to care for their children and providing helpful tips for different stages of parenting children throughout their life.

One of her fondest childhood memories was getting to build pillow and blanket forts with her family and sleeping in them at night.

David Thomas

| Web Developer

David Thomas is a web developer on Inhabitat who has a true passion for technology and enjoys playing open world adventure games. He started on JustMommies in 2018, where he splits his time between JustMommies and other sites.

While he is new to the site, he will state that JustMommies is one of the most interesting and challenging sites that he has worked on as it uses a vast number of different technologies that are oddly interwoven with each other. As the site is different from others that David is used to, he has taken on a particular interest in JustMommies and wants to fully examine the site as if it he is reliving the time when he played his first open world game.

A fond childhood memory, "Need For Speed: Underground 2" was the first open world game David played, and it had many different playable sections inside of its world, such as mountainous areas for drifting, a freeway section for high-speed racing, and an urban area for a variety of driving conditions. David sunk at least 300 hours into the game, trying to discover every nook and cranny until he had mastered it. With that same attitude, David wants to discover every nook and cranny of JustMommies so that he can master the site and bring out the full potential of the site.

Karen Kim

| Product Manager

Karen Kim joined JustMommies in 2017 as the product manager.

She graduated from the University of California, San Diego, where she studied Cognitive Science and specialized in Human-Computer Interaction. Her work goes beyond just visual. She wants to provide great design that helps users get to where they want and need to go. She recently helped with the site's homepage and article redesign.

Karen recently became a mother to two kittens, Muir and Warren. The kittens are quite a handful, so she's okay with being just a cat mom for now. But one day, she hopes to be a mother (to humans).

As a result of working on the website, Karen gained a lot of knowledge on pregnancy and motherhood. Although the content is currently not relatable, she will no longer have to look up the symptoms of pregnancy or handle tantrums when the time comes.

Her favorite childhood memory is swimming at the community pool during the summer. Summer was always a joyous time; freed from multiplication tables and cursive workbooks. Her cousins from Korea would often visit during this time, making the summer even better. She has fond memories of belly-flopping, breath-holding contests, and eating kimbap and watermelon alongside the pool.