7 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week x

7 weeks pregnant

You are seven weeks pregnant. You are halfway through you first trimester. You probably haven’t started showing yet, but your clothes may be getting a little less comfortable. At this point in your pregnancy, you probably haven’t gained very much weight and unless you are underweight, you really don’t need to. During the first trimester, you only need to gain a couple pounds. During the second and third trimesters, you will be picking up weight at a much faster pace. You may want to keep an eye on your weight during your pregnancy. Pregnancy is not the time to diet, but there are some things you can do to look and feel great during your pregnancy. This week’s newsletter will give you some tips for staying healthy as well as inspire you to love your pregnant body.

What Is Going on with Mom & Baby


Baby is the size of a blueberry!

Mom: You may be feeling tired still. Take naps during the day if you can. Some women notice changes in their hair and skin. You may have more breakouts and you may notice more hair on your face, arms and legs. If you have not been feeling well, you may have lost weight this week. This is fairly common and is usually not something to worry about. If you have been vomiting three or more times a day or are losing weight rapidly (1 pound a week or more), you should call your doctor.
Baby’s crown to rump length is 8 mm (about the size of a blueberry). Baby weighs about 0.8 grams. Baby’s bones are beginning to form. Baby’s mouth, lips, and nose are recognizable now. Baby’s sex glands appear this week, but it’s way too early to see what your baby’s gender is on ultrasound. Fingers and toes are present now but they may still be webbed.

This Week’s Pregnancy Checklist

  • You may want to purchase a body pillow to help you sleep more comfortably.

  • Start reading information on labor and childbirth options.

  • Ask your partner for a pregnancy massage or consider seeing a massage therapist.

  • Start doing kegel exercises to help prevent bladder incontinence.

  • Start preparing a list of items you will need for your baby.

  • Start looking for bargains for maternity items now. You may be able to buy off season items at a discount for later in your pregnancy.

Tips for Staying Healthy During Your Pregnancy

Healthy eating - Try to eat a healthy diet that contains whole grains, lean meats (or other foods high in protein), fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy items. Try to avoid processed foods, canned meats, and certain fish containing mercury (shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish).

Exercise - Regular exercise will help you feel better and look better during your pregnancy. It will also help you to prepare for labor. Talk with your doctor about what exercises are safe during pregnancy. Walking and swimming are generally good for pregnant moms.

Rest - Make sure you are getting enough sleep. You will probably be more tired than normal during your pregnancy. Try taking a nap during the day or resting after you come home from work. At night try to sleep on your left side. This will help with blood circulation to the placenta.

Don’t smoke or drink alcohol - This might seem like a no-brainer but approximately 11% of women smoke during pregnancy and up to 12% of women have admitted to drinking at least one drink during pregnancy. Smoking increases your risk of having a low birth weight baby, placental problems, and premature labor. Alcohol is known to cause physical and mental birth defects. Even light drinking can be dangerous to your baby. It is best to avoid alcohol completely during pregnancy.

Don’t be afraid to call your doctor - If something doesn’t feel right or you are worried, don’t be afraid to call. Your doctor’s office is used to answering questions.


Looking Great During Early Pregnancy

You may be looking forward to having that cute little bump that comes with pregnancy. A lot of women look forward to looking pregnant and wearing maternity clothes. Others get depressed with the changes that come along with pregnancy. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, you may not look pregnant yet. Others may notice your growing belly but not realize why it is growing. You may not be ready to announce your pregnancy to the world yet, or you may just want to look good in regular clothes as long as you can.

Here are a few tips for looking good during early pregnancy.

  • Purchase a few pairs of pants that are a little bigger than your normal size instead of buying maternity. You may want to have these around for after you have the baby anyway. Wear loose fitted shirts until you are further along.

  • Try using the rubber band trick with your favorite pair of pants. Take a rubber band loop, it through the button hole, and then wrap it around the button. You can wear your non-maternity clothes longer with this trick.

  • Wear your husband’s button-down shirts. If you need something comfortable to wear, try wearing your husband’s t-shirts or button down shirts.

  • Wear makeup. Makeup will help make you look and feel better. Pregnancy is not the time to be down about the way you look. Makeup is an easy way to feel better about the way you look.

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