6 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week

6 weeks pregnant

Well, you have made it to your sixth week of pregnancy. By now you are probably past the initial shock of being pregnant. You may be starting to make some plans for your pregnancy. Do you think you will want to have a hospital birth? Will your partner cut the cord? You may be undecided about some things, or your feelings may change throughout your pregnancy. Your pregnancy will go by faster than you think, and after it’s over, you may not remember everything. A lot of moms keep track of their pregnancies by keeping a pregnancy journal. In this week’s newsletter, we are going to give you some creative things to do to keep track of your pregnancy.

What Is Going on with Mom & Baby


Baby is the size of a pea!

Baby: Baby’s crown to rump length is 4-6 mm (about the size of a sweet pea). Baby weighs about 0.4 grams. Baby’s eyes, ears, lips, tongue, and mouth are forming now. Your baby’s brain and cranial nerves are forming. Your baby’s heart is beating now. You may be able to see this on an ultrasound now.

Mom: If you haven’t had problems with “morning sickness,” you may start noticing it this week. Nausea and vomiting are common during the first trimester. You may feel queasy or sick to your stomach during different periods in the day. Your breasts may be very tender right now. Your stomach might feel like it is expanding, but you probably won’t need to break out the maternity clothes for another month or so.

This Week’s Pregnancy Checklist

If you have not scheduled your first prenatal appointment, schedule your appointment this week.If you haven’t written a list of questions for your first prenatal appointment, do that this week.Purchase or check out a library book on pregnancy. There are many to choose from.Start setting aside a budget for maternity clothes or ask a friend if she can lend some to you when you need it.Write down any baby name ideasyou have. You may find these interesting later in your pregnancy.Take a picture of your belly so you will be able to remember your pregnancy.

Creative Ways to Capture Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is easy and fun. What better way to keep track of your pregnancy? Take photos of your growing belly, your first maternity outfit, your pregnancy test, or any other mementos. Write down baby name ideas, thoughts and feelings about your baby, and anything else you want to remember. Keep all of these in a scrapbook. You can make a paper scrapbook or design digital scrapbook pages to keep track of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Blog

Start an online pregnancy blog to keep track of your pregnancy. Record milestones such as the day you tested positive, your first prenatal appointment, or when you felt your baby kick for the first time.

Pregnancy Video Journal

Record your pregnancy on video. Take videos of yourself, your partner or family members throughout your pregnancy. You can take videos of putting up your baby’s crib, record daddy as he feels baby kick for the first time, or record your feelings after your first ultrasound. At the end of your pregnancy, you can burn all your videos to a disc.

Pregnancy Recipe Collection

This is a lot of fun. Each week find a favorite recipe. Save these recipes with a note for your baby. When your baby gets older, you can give him or her the recipe collection.

morning sickness

Coping with Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is very common during early pregnancy. About 70% of moms will experience morning sickness during the first trimester. If you are one of these unlucky moms, you may be interested in some tips for helping cope with morning sickness.

Here are a few things that may help you cope:

  • Keep some crackers by your bed, and try to eat a few dry crackers before you get up.

  • Get out of bed slowly in the morning. Try to get plenty of rest the night before.

  • Eat small meals throughout the day. Eating too much at one time or having an empty stomach may make you feel nauseous.

  • If you are vomiting, make sure to drink plenty of fluids. Don’t try to drink too much at one time. Instead, keep a water bottle and take sips on it throughout the day.

  • If your prenatal vitamins are bothering your stomach, try taking them at the end of the day.

  • Try to avoid being around smells that make you sick to your stomach.

  • Call your doctor if you are vomiting three or more times a day. Severe morning sickness, called hypermesis gravidarum, can cause weight loss and dehydration. Medication or other treatment may be necessary.

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