Ten Creative Ways to Teach Your Child Numbers

1. Count items around the house

Gather up items around your house such as buttons, pencils, paper clips, etc. Put them in stacks and count them with your child

2.Play Hopscotch

Use chalk and draw a hopscotch game outside. Make sure to say the numbers out loud as you play.

3. Play "Go Fish"

Play "Go Fish" with a deck of playing cards. You can take out the face cards to play. Kids love playing games. This one is a lot of fun and they will be learning at the same time.

4. Cook with your kids

Include your child when you cook. Have him count the cups of milk, the tablespoons of margarine, or the eggs when you cook. Show him the recipe as you cook so he can follow along

5. Read counting books

Check out counting books from the library. Read counting books to your child. Have him practice counting as you read the book.

6. Have a treasure hunt

Fold up ten pieces of paper. On each piece of paper draw a number of items. For example, draw one fish, two triangles, or three apples. Also write a clue on the paper telling where to find the next number "clue". Start the game with number one and end with the number ten. Have your child count the items on the page before you read the clue.

7. Play a telephone game

Using a toy telephone and a telephone book, have your child call an order a pizza. Help him read the number and press the numbers on the phone. You can also call the florist and have flowers delivered. Let your child use his imagination.

8. Play board games

Play board games with your child like Monopoly. Let him be in charge of rolling the dice. Have him count the dots on the dice and then have him move the piece as he counts.

9. Make a counting book

You can purchase a blank book at an educational supply store or make your own with construction paper and a three-hole punch. On each page have your child draw or trace a number. Have him draw items such as balls, worms, or smiley faces to correspond with the number. Make pages for one to ten or one to twenty if your child is older.

10. Play an "I spy" game

Take turns playing "I spy". Look around your room and say, "I spy something we have two of (or three of)..." It could be speakers for your stereo, cushions on the couch or pictures on the wall, or anything you can count.