Tips for Healthy Baby Skin

Baby on beach with sun screen

From that growing patch of hair to those tiny round toes, your little one’s skin needs a ton of TLC. Whether it’s a skin problem or common irritation and dryness, baby skin requires a lot of attention – and that’s where you come in. Read on for skincare tips that’ll keep your little one’s skin smooth and healthy all year round.

Perfect Bath Time

Little ones need 2–3 baths a week in warm (not hot) water. To find the perfect temperature, test the water with your elbow. Once you’re sure it’s safe, fill the tub with 2–3 inches of water and carefully place your baby inside. Helpful hint: To prevent your baby from getting cold, frequently pour cupfuls of water over his or her shoulders. We also recommend choosing hypoallergenic bath products that are formaldehyde and fragrance-free. This will ensure your baby’s sensitive skin is properly cared for. To clean the skin, dip a warm washcloth in soapy water and wash gently. To clean your baby’s face, moisten a cotton ball and delicately dab around those tiny little features. Once bath time is finished, immediately apply a fragrance-free baby lotion to lock in moisture and prevent dry skin.

Baby smiling with sunglasses

Protect Their Skin

We suggest investing in a cool mist humidifier to keep the air in your baby’s nursery moist. During winter months, your little one’s skin may become itchy, dry, and chapped. These discomforts can make it difficult for them to sleep, especially because they’re unable to tell you exactly what’s wrong. Bonus: There’s been evidence that suggests the white noise produced by a humidifier can help lull a baby to sleep at night!

Choose the Right Products

Be sure to use skin care products made specifically for babies. Always opt for fragrance and tear-free shampoos, bath soaps, and lotions. Also, steer clear of anything labeled antibacterial. Watch out for any strange reactions with every product you use in case your little one has an allergic reaction to a certain formula. Additionally, baby skin should always be moisturized, so keep a steady supply of lotion around.

Say Yes to SPF

Before you venture into the great outdoors, be sure to apply a minimum of SPF 30 over all exposed skin. For the best protection, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside and dress your little one in loose clothing and a hat for extra protection from the elements. Also, a fun hat will help protect that adorable face and make your baby look extra cute!

Baby wearing pink hat and gloves

Diaper Up the Right Way

Diaper changing doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you and your baby. In fact, with the help of these simple tips, it can be a pleasurable (and even fun!) bonding experience for the both of you. Always change your baby’s diaper frequently, and be sure to wipe each time with unscented baby wipes or a damp washcloth. After you’re finished wiping, don’t forget a rash preventor! Boudreaux Rash Preventer is a no-mess, spray-on skin protectant that’s ideal for use with every change, especially at bed time for an easy way to prevent diaper rash and chafing before it begins. The best part? It contains no parabens, preservatives or artificial fragrances.

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