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Tips for Healthy Baby Skin

From that growing patch of hair to those tiny round toes, your little one’s skin needs a ton of TLC. Whether it’s a skin problem or common irritation and dryness, baby skin requires a lot of attention – and that’s where you come in. Read on for skincare tips that’ll keep your little one’s
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Six Myths About Twins

Twins capture the curiosity of the world. From the Spearmint gum twins to Mary Kate and Ashley, seeing double brings amusement and assumptions. Just like anything else, the idea of twins carry a lot of fables with the facts. Parents of multiples need to field a lot of questions and misconceptions. Here
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Does My Baby Need Vitamin D Supplements?

Babies often need more Vitamin D than sunshine can provide for them.
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Getting a Shot: Vaccine & Immunizations Update

Children can be well protected by the immunizations available now against deadly diseases.
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Baby Growth Spurts

When baby is growing like a worm, it's good to know what's going on so that you can be prepared for your developing baby.
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Obamacare: How Health Reform Affects Your Kids' Coverage

The new ACA changes can help your kid's coverage if you understand what is offered.
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Probiotics for Babies

By JustMommies staff

What are probiotics and why would you want to give them to your baby? Probiotics are microorganisms (good bacteria) that provide health benefits to your baby including, improving colic and tummy problems, boosting immunity, treating diarrhea and diaper rash, as well as boosting immunity. Probiotics are
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Coping When Your Newborn Fails to Thrive

Your doctors and your support network are here to help as you learn about your newborn's needs.
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Teething Symptoms

By JustMommies staff

How will you recognize the signs that your baby is cutting his or her primary teeth (the first 20 teeth)? And, how will you ease the discomforts that come with teething – for your little one and you? Know the Timing for Teething You’ve probably heard that primary teeth can start developing as early
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Grunting Baby Syndrome

By JustMommies staff

If your baby strains, grunts, or cries when trying to have a bowel movement, it may look like constipation, but it could be something altogether different. When babies are first born they sometimes do not quite know how their bodies work, and they may have difficulty coordinating the muscles needed
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