9 DIY Christmas Ornaments

child working on Christmas crafts

Gift-giving is one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday season, but the threat of overspending can make it so stressful! It’s all too easy to go a little overboard buying gifts, and then panic when the bills show up. It happens to the best of us!

Teaching kids the importance of holiday gift giving, and the meaning behind why people give gifts at this time of year is important. You don't want them to develop a sense of entitlement or feel like gifts equate to love. So how can you help them understand that it's the thought that counts? By engaging their thought processes with some crafty Christmas tree ornaments that take time, care, and effort to make. It's easier than you think, even if you're not a crafty person.

Here are some ideas for crafty Christmas ornaments your kids can give or use at home that won't break the bank:

Christmas tree

Easy Peasy:

Tiny Hands and Feet - Teeny, tiny hands and feet are super cute to hang on trees and a great way to commemorate the years your child is growing up. You can make these with almost anything. Trace your child's hands and feet onto thick felt. Then simply pop a hole in and string up. Write the date with a paint pen. You can also make hand and feet molds from the craft store for very little cost.

"Candy" Canes - Pipe cleaners and red and white beads are all you need for this project. Simply slide beads on in alternating order and twist the ends of the pipe cleaners so the beads don't fall off. Bend to shape into a candy cane.

Pretty Pinecones: Take the kids out for a pine cone hunt and bring the best ones home. If you can't find them outside, the craft store will have them. Simply spray paint them any color you want- gold, silver and white stand out the best. You can also give them a coating of glue and decorate with glitter, or even colored sprinkles to make them really stand out. Use ribbon to hang.

Cute and Crafty: Buy cheap plastic ball ornaments at the dollar store and get a package of self-adhesive gem stickers. Have the kids decorate them.

Christmas craft supplies

Creative and Crafty:

Scrabble Tiles at Play: Collect unused Scrabble tiles and use a hot glue gun to form words. Help your child form his name, or he can make an ornament that says something Christmas themed like "let it snow" or "Merry Christmas" or something more heartwarming like "I love you" or "Grandma". When the glue has set, glue a piece of ribbon to the back to hang.

Bottle Cap Snowmen: All you need is bottle caps, spray paint, glue, and embellishments. Simply spray the bottle caps white and glue 3 together, each on top of the other to form a snowman. Embellish with bits of ribbon and buttons and glue ribbon or twine on the back to hang.

Glittery Eye Catchers: Run to the dollar store and grab some balloons, twine, Modge Podge and glitter. Blow up balloons as much as you desire and wrap them lightly with twine. Paint the entire thing with Modge Podge and glitter. Allow to dry overnight and then pop the balloons and you'll have glittery spheres that catch stunning lights from the tree.

Picture Perfect

Photo Memories: Wrap a piece of cardboard with wrapping paper to act as a frame, and glue your favorite family photos onto them. Cover with Modge Podge to protect.

Your Angels: Take a picture of each of your kids wearing a tinsel wreath on their head, standing with their hands folded. Print the pictures and have your kids cut out the silhouette of themselves and glue white paper “wings” onto their backs.