How to Make Cupcake Ornaments

Get the kiddies involved in this super easy Christmas project. Use glass ornaments and cupcake liners to create these adorable cupcake ornaments for your Christmas tree. Check out the instructions below, courtesy of

Supplies needed:

Glass or plastic Christmas balls (mini glass ornaments and mini cupcake liners work great)

Appropriate sized cupcake liners (foil lined ones hold their shape best)

Snow-tex or other thick fake snow paste


Plastic Christmas berries

Hot glue gun

Plastic lunch bags (without zip lock closure)


Place a drop of hot glue into cupcake liner and place the Christmas ball inside at a slight angle.

Fill plastic lunch bag with Snow-tex and squeeze to bottom. Cut a small hole in tip and pipe Snow-tex onto ball like icing.

Sprinkle sparkles onto Snow-tex and place a Christmas berry on top.

Allow Snow-tex to dry at least 24 hours then attach a ribbon or wire hanger and hang on your tree or give away as gifts!