5 Spooktacular Halloween Apps

In this technological age, there is an app for everything—even Halloween. As we count down the days until we dress our little munchkins up in either the cutest or most ghoulish looking costume we can find, let’s liven up the Halloween spirit with these five spook-worthy apps.

1. Halloween Card Creator (free)

Kids love creating festive cards for their friends and family around Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, so why not Halloween? The creators of Halloween Card Creator must have thought this very same question. Now, your children can design the perfect Halloween card with touch gestures, widgets, and more. With spooky backgrounds, fonts and clip arts, or photos from their own stash, they can personalize each card by giving it their own scary, but cute touch. Then, once they've completed it, let the sharing begin--either on Facebook or via email.

2. Halloween! (free)

Some children find Halloween to be their favorite holiday of the year, and who can blame them?! Unlike other, more traditional holidays, children can put their imaginations to use; they have no limits. They can be who and what they want to be, and they can enact that character to its fullest. Seemingly just a chaotic day, scholars and proponents of childhood development might suggest otherwise, as there are huge benefits to pretend play. It not only nurtures their imagination, it helps them to develop thinking, language, and social and emotional skills. To learn more about the advantages of pretend play, click here.

3. Shoot the Pumpkin ($0.99)

Sure to be a hit with boys, girls will love this app too. Dracula, who your child will be, is armed with a bow and unlimited arrows. His target: a pumpkin atop of Frankenstein's head. Your child will work on their aim as they shoot the pumpkin. But be sure not to miss and hit Frankenstein instead, otherwise an all out war will commence.

4. The Very Hungry Pumpkin+ (free)

Before you child sets out to trick-or-treat, let him or her practice in this virtual world. This game is simple: Gather as much candy without colliding with other trick-or-treaters. If they can avoid bumping elbows with others and can collect as many candies along the way, they'll be looking at an outrageously high score.

5. Hell Puzzle ($0.99)

Let your child put their brain to use with this brain-flexing app. With all the pieces of the puzzle laid out in front of him, he'll exercise both sides of his brain as he figures out how to visualize where each piece goes. As the image begins to come together, he'll light up like a freshly carved Jack O'Lantern. And best of all, the final product can be saved and used as a wallpaper.