Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

couple on Valentine's Day

It’s easy to come up with a Valentine’s Day gift for a woman – if you’re just looking at the basics, that is. Of course, women love flowers and perfume and lingerie and chocolates (these days, though, most women are health- and weight-conscious – especially if you’ve just given her sexy lace undies! – so think before splurging on sweets). Those are generally appropriate choices for a Valentine’s Day gift, but here are some fun ideas for thinking outside the heart-shaped box.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – Come Fly With Me

It’ll take some careful advance planning – especially if you’ve got kids at home – but a surprise romantic weekend getaway can be a terrific Valentine’s Day gift. Arrange with her best friend to secretly pack a small bag of must-have stuff, take the day off on Friday (phone in sick for her as well if necessary), call a cab to pick up you up, and head to the airport. There are lots of great deals on travel websites, and there’s bound to be one just an hour or two away from your nearest airport.

Valentine's Day cupcakes

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – Animal Attraction

Say you’re dating a woman and the relationship isn’t quite ready to move to the next level yet. You care about her and want to get her a Valentine’s Day gift but don’t want to set off any emotional alarms – so how about a present for that other special someone in her life … her dog or cat? Find a package of gourmet pet snacks, a nice new food dish or some other feline or canine accessory. (And here’s a helpful hint: be sure to show up with flowers or another treat for your two-legged valentine as well, or you could end up in the doghouse.)

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – Top Ten List

Here’s the easy part: make a list of your Top Ten favorite things about her. Write each one separately – on 10 Valentine’s Day cards or notecards, even 10 Post-Its will do in a pinch. Hide them around the house, but first attach a small Valentine’s Day gift to each – a coffee gift card, that best-selling book she’s been wanting to read, a bar of French milled soap, etc. You can include scavenger hunt-type clues on the notes, or let her track them down one by one on her own. When she’s found everything, give her a nicely decorated box to keep them in as a reminder of how much you care.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – Bedded Bliss

Create a quick-and-easy bedroom transformation with a new set of luxurious, high thread count bed linens – make sure they match the existing color scheme so you can use them after Valentine’s Day as well! Get some plush throw pillows for extra comfort and atmosphere. If there are lamps in the bedroom, switch out the bulbs for soft low wattage or even colored bulbs for added ambiance … and the stage is set for romance.

man giving Valentine's gift to wife

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – Beyond the Basics

Sure, flowers, candy, and perfume will work fine as go-to Valentine’s Day gifts for her – but personalize them with thoughtful extra touches. For example, if you’re giving her a bouquet of red roses, add one different-colored rose for added meaning. Keep this in mind: an orange rose denotes passion and desire. A white rose mixed in with red ones symbolizes deep and pure love. Lilac or purple roses can represent longing. (Warning: if it’s romance you’re after, stay away from yellow roses, which signal platonic friendship.)