Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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When it comes to birthday party ideas for boys, one obvious choice would be a western theme –what better way to “corral” a group of lively little boys? There are many fun ideas for birthday parties for boys which will keep them busy and entertained. Some people think you should invite one guest for each year being celebrated (four guests if the birthday boy is four years old, seven if he’s seven, etc.) – but the most important thing is to invite only as many children as you can comfortably handle, whether the boy’s birthday party is at home, outdoors, or at an activity center. Any of these birthday party ideas can be planned for just a few kids or a full house of active boys!

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Birthday Party Ideas for Boys – Superheroes

A good boy’s birthday party idea is to design the party around the birthday boy’s favorite superhero – or invite everyone to come as the superhero of their choice. You can also provide costumes for the birthday party guests. These don’t have to be elaborate head-to-toe get-ups: have some capes and masks in different colors on hand, and the partygoers can use their own imaginations. Take a picture of everyone in their birthday party costume that you can print and send with a thank-you note. Remember: you may have to pay very careful attention to details if you’re using superheroes as your boy’s birthday party idea; with all the comic book movies and merchandising around these days, kids have pretty specific ideas of how these characters should look. Use this to your advantage at the superhero birthday party for boys and shop around for branded invitations and decorations, which can often be found in discount stores.

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys – Sports Camp

Plan a birthday party for boys around their favorite sports and games. If you want to focus on one sport, consider having the boy’s birthday party at a local baseball field or bowling alley or basketball court. If it’s wintertime and the boy’s birthday party has to be indoors, hang up pennants and posters or divide a spacious play area into different sports with balls and gloves and other equipment there for the boys (and girls!) to use. Wherever you have your sports-oriented birthday party for boys, be sure that all of the children have the time and opportunity to participate. Bear in mind that the birthday party guests will have varying degrees of skill, and plan the sports games to include everyone. Parents should know in advance that birthday party guests should dress in casual play clothes.

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Birthday Party Ideas for Boys – Treasure Hunt

You can design a birthday party treasure hunt either inside your home, in the yard, or at a nearby park. For this boy’s birthday party idea to work best, you’ll need to do some advance planning: drawing a treasure map, writing up clues, finding hiding spots, and planting small prizes and clues along the way. One of the best things about this birthday party idea for boys is that it should keep the children occupied for a good, long while. If you’re having the birthday party in a public park, set up the treasure hunt in one small area and make sure there are enough grownups around to keep the kids in sight at all times. Staging the birthday party treasure hunt inside your house? Remember to move any breakable objects before setting the boys loose! Encourage teamwork by having two or three kids work together to figure out the clues. The treasure at the end will make a great prize for the winner, but also have treats on hand to reward everyone who’s taken part in the boy’s birthday party treasure hunt.