Top Ten Business Ideas Moms Can do From Home

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Is it really possible to work from home? When you look around the work at home market, you may only see moms that are selling products from home or doing a home party type business. Is this all there is for moms to do from home? What if you are not interested in selling products? Is there anything else you can do from home and actually make money? More and more moms are working from home successfully and making money at home. What are they doing and what are the best ways to make money from home? Here are some ideas on things everyday moms can do to at home to make money.

Work From Home Jobs

1. Graphic design: If you are talented with Photoshop, use your talents to create a business for yourself. Here are a few business ideas: design banner ads and logos, birth announcements, business cards, or digital scrapbooking kits.


  • Post on forums using a signature with a link to your graphic design company.

  • Barter with related websites for advertising.

  • Hand out business cards to pregnant mothers you see when you are around town and offer to design a birth announcement.

  • Pick up business cards you see and give them a call. Offer to redesign their business cards or offer a free design in exchange for future referrals.

2. Web design: If you know how to design web sites, there is a big need for affordable web designers. A lot of people want to start their own website but don’t know how to do web design.


  • Develop a few websites for free in exchange for a link back to your website.

  • Network with work-at-home moms and offer your services when appropriate.

  • Design personal pages for friends and family in exchange for referrals or a link to your web site.

  • Contact local small business owners and offer your services.

3. Home Day Care: If you have children or like being around children, home daycare is a great way to make money from home.


  • Ask friends or family to give you referrals.

  • Place an ad in the yellow pages or local newspaper.

  • Place flyers around local area shopping centers.

4. Freelance Writer: There is a growing need for authors, especially online. If you can write, use your skills to write from home.


  • Contact local newspapers or magazines and ask them if you can submit completed articles for them to consider.

  • Email websites and ask them to consider purchasing your articles. Send along an author bio and a sample of your work.

  • Submit articles to web sites that purchase content. Do a search for “purchase articles.”

woman tutorting boy

5. Tutoring & Teaching Classes: If you are a teacher or have a skill at music or art, you can teach classes from home or teach private lessons.


  • Write and/or call the guidance counselor of the schools in your area and ask them for referrals.

  • Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper.

  • Contact local homeschool support groups and offer your services to anyone interested.

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6. Craft & Hobby business: If you are talented at sewing, candle making, or another hobby, why not make a business out of it?


  • Start an eBay account to sell your crafts.

  • Sell your crafts in local craft shows.

  • Hand out or leave business cards for your business in appropriate places.

  • During the holidays, market your craft business with creative flyers or last-minute gift idea flyers.

  • Get a customer list and get referrals. Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries and offer your crafts as gifts when appropriate.

7. Life coaching: Life coaching is a new industry. Life coaches help people to attain personal success and happiness. A life coach provides email and phone support to assist the client in achieving personal success and reaching her life goals.


  • Contact a life coach and find out how to get training.

  • Submit articles promoting your life coaching business in exchange for a link back to your web site.

  • Offer a free complimentary session to new potential clients.

8. Photography: If you are a photographer, you can make money taking photos or by selling your photos to stock photography companies.


  • Take out an ad in the telephone book or local newspaper.

  • Start off with a niche like pet photography. Leave flyers with local veterinarians.

  • Hand out business cards to any mom with an attractive child or pregnant women and offer your services.

  • Sell your photos to stock photography sites. Do a search for “sell stock photography.”

9. Video chat or content: Videos are a new trend in online media. Many websites will pay you to host a chat online with your skill or talent or purchase video content on a particular topic such as cooking, knitting, home repair, etc.


  • Email websites and offer your videos for sale. Craft, cooking, and other skills make great content for web publishers.

  • Become an expert in your field. Offer online tutorials or video classes on sewing, cooking, or any other talent.

10. Blogging: Many companies are looking for blogs with content related to their industry. If you are willing to write blog entries, you can use your talent to make money from home.


  • Do a search for “blog for us” or “paid to blog” to find sites that are hiring bloggers.