Get Pregnant Now: 12 Ideas to Help You Get Pregnant Right Away

Improve Your Lifestyle

Before getting into all the ideas of things you can do to get pregnant now, let’s nail down the major things that can decrease your fertility.  If you want to get pregnant quickly, the first thing you need to do is get as many of the controllable variables in your favor.  If you smoke, use drugs, or drink alcohol heavily, and are still doing this while trying to conceive STOP!  You know you will have to stop these activities once you are pregnant, so get on top of this now.  By quitting smoking you will improve your health and your chances of conception.  Smoking has been associated with an overall decrease in fertility as well as specific fertility problems including, fallopian tube blockages and increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, lower quality or damaged eggs, and increased risk of miscarriage.

Watch Your Weight

Over half of all women in the United States are overweight.  This isn’t meant to be a lecture, but the fact is being overweight impacts your fertility significantly.  A normal BMI for women is around 15.5-24.9.  Researchers have found that fertility declines by around 4% for every unit over 29.  The good news is scientists have also discovered that you don’t have to lose a ton of weight to see improvement in fertility.  Sixty percent of women who previously had anovulatory cycles began ovulating again after losing just 5-10 percent of their total body weight.  Conversely, women who are underweight also have decreased fertility.  Having body fat levels 10 to 15 percent below normal can keep a woman from ovulating.

Check Your Mucus

You know the slippery stuff you sometimes see in the lining of your underwear?  This is cervical mucus.  Everyone knows about having sex around ovulation, but what most people don’t know is that having sex on the days you see fertile cervical mucus is more important than timing intercourse with ovulation.  Researchers at the University of North Carolina conducted a study comparing when couples had intercourse with their pregnancy outcomes.  What researchers found was that it didn’t matter when the woman ovulated, if she had sex on a day when she had fertile cervical mucus, she was more likely to conceive.

Know When Your Fertile Window Is

You might want to keep a bbt chart to determine when your fertile window begins and ends.  However, if you have a regular cycle, it’s not really necessary.  By using a calendar you can easily determine when your fertile window is.  The five days leading up to ovulation and the day of ovulation are considered to be your fertile window.   A ten year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that having sex during your fertile window was the most effective way to get pregnant.  The study found that almost all couples conceive during this time frame.

Ditch the Lubricants

It seems like this is common knowledge in trying to conceive circles, but if you are just looking into ways to get pregnant you may not know this.  Lubricants are a bad idea when you are trying to get pregnant.  Your body makes its own natural lubricant, cervical fluid, which is ideal for transporting sperm.  The pH level in artificial lubricants may damage or kill sperm.  In addition to this, lubricants slow sperm down, creating a virtual barrier which keeps them from traveling to the egg.  There are some lubricants on the market that are designed to be sperm friendly.  These include Pre~seed and Conceive Plus.

Have Sex Before an Ovulation Test Turns Positive

Ovulation tests can be helpful in predicting when you will ovulate; however, if you want to get pregnant faster, don’t wait until you have a positive ovulation test to start having sex.  Here is why.  An ovulation test detects for the hormone LH.  LH, or luteinizing hormone, levels rise dramatically just before ovulation.  Most women ovulate 12-48 hours after detecting an LH surge.  Keep in mind though, that your egg only survives for about 12 hours after ovulation.  If you wait until just before you ovulate to start having sex, you could miss out on almost your entire fertile window.

Get Turned on When You Have Sex

Baby making sex can become a chore.  A couple’s sex life sometimes becomes mechanical when trying to conceive.  Having enjoyable sex will not only make the process of trying to conceive less stressful, but it could help you to get pregnant faster.   When a woman is aroused, her vaginal walls secrete arousal fluid.  This fluid may feel similar to cervical fluid, but it does not come from the cervix and won’t nourish or transport sperm.  However, it can help to make the vaginal environment less acidic and more sperm friendly.  Orgasm is also beneficial.  Researchers think that contractions that happen during orgasm may “suck in” sperm into the uterus.

Have Sex Two Days Before Ovulation

It’s common knowledge that sex around ovulation will improve your chances of getting pregnant, but having sex 2 days prior to ovulation will improve your chances even more.  According to a 2001 study by researcher D.B. Dunson, women who had sex two days prior to ovulation had the greatest chance of conceiving.  An even more interesting observation from the study was that women who only had sex on the day of ovulation had just a 5 percent chance of conceiving.  In comparison, the women in this study that had intercourse 2 days before ovulation had as much as a 50% chance of conceiving in any given cycle, depending on their age.  What was notable from this study was that conception was most likely in the 4 days before ovulation.  The day of ovulation was surprisingly the least likely day to conceive.

Try the Old-Fashioned Method of Trying to Conceive

Back before all the high tech fertility aids and research studies, when a couple wanted to get pregnant they simply had a lot of sex.  This is still one of the best ways to get pregnant.  Couples sometimes think that men need to abstain from sex to improve their sperm count or save up their sperm for the right time of the month.  It is true that a man’s sperm count decreases if he ejaculates frequently, but this decrease isn’t enough to affect his fertility.  Actually, daily sex may boost a man’s fertility by improving his sperm quality.  Newer studies support the old school method of trying to conceive – the more you have sex, the greater your chances of getting pregnant.

Have a Morning Quickie

Did you know that men’s hormone levels are highest in the morning?  This is why men sometimes wake up with an erection or want to have sex first thing in the morning.  If you want to get pregnant this cycle, take advantage of your honey’s frisky mood and hormones and pencil in a morning quickie.  Morning sex may add a little spontaneity to your baby making routine and your sweetie’s sperm count may be a little higher at this time of day as well.

When in Doubt Use This Cheater Method

If calculating your fertile window, tracking your cervical mucus, and trying to figure out when your body is going to release that precious egg is too challenging for you, don’t sweat it. Use the cheater method to figure out when you should have sex. If you have sex every other day starting on cycle day 10 and ending on cycle day 18, you should have plenty of intercourse during your fertile window. You don’t have to time everything perfectly. Your chances of conceiving during any of the four days before ovulation are good. By using this method, you can be sure that you had sex on at least a couple of these highly fertile days.

See Your Doctor

It shouldn’t take a healthy couple that is having regular sex more than a year to get pregnant. If you have been trying for over a year, it’s time to see the doctor. All the tricks and tips in the world may not be helpful if there is an underlying condition that needs to be treated. If you are over 35 you don’t want to wait quite as long to be seen. Once you have been trying for six months, if you haven’t conceived, go see your doctor. Women that are 40 and up only need to wait 3 months before getting help.