Contractions After Sex

If you are heading into the last week or two of pregnancy, you may be trying anything and everything to get labor started including having sex. Sex is one of those things that everyone tells you will get labor started but it doesn’t work for everyone. It may bring on contractions for some, but for others nothing. If you are trying to get labor started, contractions after sex might be something you want to happen; however, if you are a long way from your due date, contractions after sex may be more than just annoying. If you are having painful or frequent contractions after sex, this can cause a lot of worry.

For most couples, sex during pregnancy should be no big deal. While sex, especially if the woman has an orgasm, can bring on some contractions, these are usually mild and subside on their own within an hour or so. If you are at risk for preterm labor or are having frequent or painful contractions after sex, you should discuss this with your doctor. Sometimes it’s nothing to worry about, but your doctor may want you to avoid intercourse if he or she feels this could put you at risk for delivering early or if the contractions are causing a change in your cervix.

When should you call your doctor?

If you notice a pattern to your contractions and they continue for more than hour, you may need to call your doctor. Your doctor can give you specific instructions on when he or she would like you to call. Generally if you are earlier than 37 weeks pregnant, a call is warranted if you notice contractions that are ten minutes apart or closer and continue for longer than an hour. Some things you may want to try first are drinking a large glass of water, relaxing, or taking a warm bath.

Some doctors recommend using condoms once you are in the second or third trimester to help prevent contractions after sex. Semen contains prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are known to soften the cervix and can also cause your uterus to contract. This may be something you and your partner want to consider. Orgasm can also be the culprit when it comes to contractions. If you have tried using condoms and are still having issues with contractions after sex you should talk to your doctor.