Is Oral Sex Safe During Pregnancy

This may seem like a strange question, but when it comes to sex and pregnancy couples often wonder what is and isn’t okay to do and this particular question may be awkward or embarrassing to ask your doctor. Generally, receiving oral sex from your partner is not something to worry about during pregnancy. There are some things to keep in mind though.

One concern a couple might have is that oral sex might introduce bacteria into the vagina. This is really only a concern if your partner could have an STD. If you are in a monogamous relationship and there are no risks of getting an STD from your partner, oral sex is really not much different than the exchange of fluids that happen during kissing.

Aside from STD concerns, the other thing that couples need to be watchful of if they have oral sex is that the partner does not blow air into the vagina. This can create an air embolism which could be dangerous for you and your baby. This rarely happens, but it is something that couples should be aware of.

One final concern is premature labor. If you are at risk for having premature labor your doctor may advise you to avoid orgasm. An orgasm can bring on contractions which could cause early labor. If your doctor has advised you to abstain from intercourse, you should make sure you have the green light on any type of sexual stimulation that could bring on an orgasm as this may be something that should be avoided all together. If you are earlier than 37 weeks pregnant and have contractions after an orgasm that last for over an hour or are painful you should consult your doctor.