8 Reasons to Love Your Pregnant Body

pregnant woman holding hands in heart shape

“Beautiful, glowing,” they say. “Whatever,” you say. All you notice are the extra twenty pounds that are hanging out not only on your belly but everywhere else as well. And, you still have weeks to go. In love with your body, you’re not. Pregnancy love, sure, but the day your baby arrives and you get your body back to yourself couldn’t come sooner. If you’re one of those mommies that just can’t enjoy the way your body looks and feels during pregnancy, here are a few reasons you should love your pregnant body.

No Periods

Naturally, when you are pregnant, you no longer have to deal with the witch, "aunt flo," tampons, pads, or ibuprofen. This is one lovely thing about being pregnant. Right?

Those Curves You Never Had

Most women’s breasts grow during pregnancy. For some, this is a nuisance, but for many, this is an opportunity to show off those girls for the first time.

couple in bed

Better Sex

It may take some creativity to find positions that work while you’re pregnant, but many women say pregnant sex is better. Here’s why. Blood volume increases during pregnancy, and blood flow to a woman’s pelvic and genital area may be improved. This can make the genitals more sensitive and may make orgasms better. This may not be true for every woman, as some don’t enjoy the extra sensitivity, but it’s certainly a nice little benefit for those that do.

New Clothes

What lady doesn’t like new clothes? Getting a new wardrobe is an added perk to being pregnant. It gives you a way to let the world know you’re expecting in your own way: flowing maternity outfits, fitted tops that show your belly, cute maternity dresses, or whatever fits your style.

Flaws Go Away

Remember the times when you looked at your tummy and thought, man, I look three months pregnant. Well, once you’re pregnant, you won’t have to worry if you have a little extra bloating or if your tummy is pooching out. Nobody will know. Not only that, but people don’t seem to notice the other areas of your expanding body either. You may think your thighs are enormous, but it’s doubtful anyone else has noticed.

pregnant couple

Attractive to Everyone

Have you ever noticed how attracted people are to pregnant women? Everyone loves to look at or touch a pregnant lady’s belly. Now, your sudden popularity may be annoying to you, but you can’t argue with the fact that everyone loves your pregnant body.

The Little Body Inside of Your Body

On the days that you’re not loving your body on the outside, think about the little body on the inside. That little guy or gal is growing (and getting cuter) day by day. Focus on what you’re doing with your body on the days you’re not feeling in love with your body.

It’s Temporary

As you know, pregnancy goes by fast. You only get to be pregnant for a little while, so why not enjoy it? It will be over before you know it.